Bed_Bug_3Of all the pests that could infest your house, bed bugs are one of the most harmless. This is because their bites do not carry any diseases. However, that doesn’t mean that you can leave bed bugs unattended to. You will have to adequate care to keep every single nook and cranny in your house clean, as these holes and cracks are the places that bed bugs like the most.

Where do bed bugs survive?
Bed bugs are found in warm places that are full of carbon dioxide. Usually they hide behind your beds, under your mattresses and other remote locations that you least expect them to be. If you ever wait for bed bugs to show up by themselves, you are sure to be disappointed. This is because these bugs are very clever when it comes to concealing their presence. If you spot some of their blood marks on your mattresses in the mornings, it is a clear indication that bed bugs have infested your house. It is better to get the services of an expert pest control service provider like Toro Pest Management, to completely remove all traces of bed bugs from your homes.

Their bites and consequences
Bed bug bites are usually seen in the neck, face and arms. Since these bites are usually painless, you are not even aware of bed bugs sucking your blood during the nights. If you have very sensitive skin, these bites immediately redden the affected areas. Most of the people get to know of the bites only after 2 or 3 days of being bitten. These red areas do not require any medical treatment unless if you suffer from itching, swelling of skin and other irritations. If you witness a red area on your skin as soon as you wake up, you have most likely developed a bed bug bite. The only good thing is that bed bug bites do not carry any diseases along with them. In very rare cases, people do suffer from insomnia, severe pain and discomfort in the affected areas from these bites. Medical intervention is compulsory in these cases.

Home remedies to control bed bug infestations

While it is highly recommended to use high quality pest control services like Toro Pest Management, you can also try to follow these home remedies to control infestation from bed bugs at your place:
Have a close watch on all the crevices, cracks and openings in your homes regularly.
• Remove mattresses regularly and put them in the sun for a while to remove them of all kinds of bed bug infestations.
• Always maintain cleanliness in all areas of your home, especially bed rooms.
• When you return after a tour, check your luggage carefully to see if there are bed bug infestations. The best you can do is to unpack your bag and put clothes immediately for washing than storing it for a day or two.
• Ensure that you expose your mattresses, cushion covers and other hidden areas to hot steam, as bed bugs will not be able to withstand this temperature.