bed bug 1No! Generally, bed bugs like to hide in small cracks and crevices close to a human environment, however they have specific places where they are concentrated in large quantities. Studies have shown that the Bed is the major destination of these insects, but there are also other places where they can be found. Find out about it below.

Other Areas Where Bed Bugs Are Found:

Shoes kept near a food supply
Bed bugs can be found in shoes that are mostly near a food item. In many houses, people use to keep their shoes near some food supply, these insects are very sensitive to dust and odor and they don’t hesitate to enter such places they know they can survive.

Bed bugs are also found in folded areas
Bed bugs can also be found in folded areas in the house; if you’ve hung some clothes – especially towels and are folded in different directions, chances are bed bugs can easily have their way on it and will settle there without any hassle.

Behind picture frame
Picture frames are places where bed bugs may likely hide behind. They love to squeeze themselves in the tightest corners where they will feel safe and also get something to feed on.

Furniture crevices
Furniture crevices are narrow openings or cracks in the hard surface of the furniture. Bed bugs can easily be found in this kind of areas, because they love to hide especially in the daylight hours.

Some boxes in the house can be a good hidden place for bed bugs. When these insects notice some openings in a box, they will not hesitate to enter and settle there, probably for a long period.

Electric switch plates with any small opening
Bed bugs can also hide inside electric switch plates that have small openings. They will squeeze into the switch plates, but will come out at night to terrorize the whole house.