14202258_sYes! Rats can chew through anything that is attracted to them including metal; however, it depends on the thickness of the metal. It is important to know that the rat’s incisors teeth never stops growing, and this makes them chew anything they find so that the teeth can wear down. According to a number of research conducted concerning rats, it was found out that their fiery teeth are strong enough to destroy not only metal but also lots of properties in the house, farms, as well as commercial areas. In this article, we’re also going to look at other objects rats can also chew through.

Evidence That Rat Can Chew Through Metal

It’s obvious, with their sharp incisors teeth, rats can chew through metal lining and even copper wires. There have been reports from the studies conducted on the occurrences where rats are found dead, the reports came out that this animal mostly died when chewing through hot wire and in the process, they got electrocuted. However, there is a metal that rats cannot chew through – this metal is called “steel plating.” Below are some of the evidences that confirm rats can chew through metal.

• Rats are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals; that is to say, they can also chew through metal to get food.
• Rats have sharp teeth that can tear up literally anything they come across.
• Rats are also natural scavengers, meaning they can do anything to collect junk, garbage and anything that can fetch them food including metal and wires.
• Studies also have found out that rats can chew through aluminum; therefore, chewing through metal will not be a big deal.

Other Objects That Rats Can Chew Through

• Rats can chew through plastic
Another study confirms that rats can chew through plastic material; they can finish up a bucket made of plastic in one week without any hassle as long as they can get what they want. Scientific studies revealed that the sharpness of their teeth is the major weaponry used to destroy plastics.

• Rats can chew through wood
Probably you’ve seen this happens times without numbers where you noticed a section of the wood you kept at home has been shattered by pests. Rats can be the major culprit here, because studies have shown that they are good at eating domestic properties including wood. They love to make shelter and hide inside bunch of wood for self defense, but unfortunately they usually end up chewing the entire wood in the process.

• Rats can chew through concrete
The fact that rats can go to any length to get food, has justified that it can also chew through concrete. This finding has made professional trappers to recommend sealing up any hole in the house that rats can get through in order to avoid possible destruction.

In conclusion, it is important to know that it’s true that rats can chew through metal, but it’s also good to understand that not every type of metal can be chewed by rats. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep important objects (not necessarily metal) away from where rats can easily reach through to avoid destructions.