animal-1238374_960_720While mice are among the common rodents close to humans in the living environment, they can pose a number of health-related threats to humans as well as other animals. Studies have shown that mice can transmit diseases to humans through fleas, feces biting, ticks, or mites, among others. There are a number of these diseases; we shall be looking at them below.

1. Lassa fever
This is one of the deadly diseases that mice can transmit; it can kill in a few days if care is not taken. According to reports, many African countries have been experience this calamity recently; however, preventive measures have been greatly put in place so that the disease does not further spread.

2. Rat-bite fever
Rat-bite fever is another disease that mice can transmit as quickly as possible, it is widely experience around the world, but it’s more common in Asia. This disease is dangerous and can make one suffer for several months. The mode of transmission is through a bite or scratch by the mice. The mouth and nose are the two carriers of such disease in mice.

3. Hantavirus
This is a flu-like symptom that causes severe respiratory disorder or renal failure. Studies have shown that mice can transmit this disease through feces, urine, and body fluids. Additional reports also revealed that about4 in 10 persons who are faced with this condition are liable of dying.

4. Typhus
This is another disease that mice can transmit without putting in much effort. It causes fever, headache, respiratory disorder, and possibly rashes. It can be transmitted through a bite, and mice fleas.

5. Plague
Plague is a disease that usually affects the circulatory system, respiratory system, and other sensitive parts of the body system. It can be transmitted to humans by handling infected mice or by flea bite. Reports have shown that millions of people especially in Europe have died as a result of this disease; however, the concern now is that this disease keeps on occurring in several parts of the world.

6. Lyme Disease
This disease causes skin lesions, headache, arthralgias and possibly fever. Studies have shown that deer mice are the main carriers of such disease and it can be very dangerous if adequate care has not been given to the infected person. Statistics have revealed that Lyme disease is commonly spread in the United States of America.

7. Food Poisoning
This is also called “Salmonella” and can cause a number of threats to life in humans. One of the problems it can cause is intestinal disorder which is a huge worrisome to the entire human body system. The diseases can be transmitted through feces contamination and can affect most of the food items we keep in our homes if environment hygiene is not given adequate attention.

8. Pox
This is also known as Rickettsial, and can cause a number of threats such as fever, headache, skin lesion, and rashes. It can be transmitted through a bite of mite which usually lives on mice.