Bed_Bug_3Irrespective of whether you have a residential or commercial establishment, bed bug infestations can be really frustrating. Apart from spoiling the look of your structures, bed bugs do pose a more serious problem of diseases. Though there are not many serious cases of diseases resulting from bites of bed bugs, it still results in swelling or infection if the bites are not looked into, on time. Bed bug bites are believed to cause more infections in kids than in adults. When the infection is severe, the wound starts bleeding and begins to swell, causing lot of pain.

Who is the worst affected?

Bed bugs are one of the most common insects that are found in residential establishments today. If your house is near moist areas or if there are lot of debris accumulated near your house, you can expect severe bed bugs infestations at your place. Bites from bed bugs do not affect all people. People who are most prone to infections and other serious ailments from these bites are the following:

  • Kids
  • Elderly
  • People with poor immune system
  • People already suffering from chronic ailments

People who are consistently exposed to bed bug bites should get a complete health check-up done, because this can cause allergic reactions in their bodies, which, when unnoticed, can take alarming proportions.

What follows bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites are not actually too painful at the instant when they happen. People get to notice these bites only a day after they have actually occurred. One of the first side effects that one experiences when he/she is bitten by a bed bug is lack of sleep. At the time of these bites, in rare cases, people do get huge contusions on their skin, which fades into red marks in a few days after applying the necessary medications.

One of the most common aspects that follow a bed bug bite is itchy skin, which can lead to inflammation in severe cases. It is advisable to seek medical intervention to solve skin inflammation issues. Though most of the people do not show any reactions after bed bug bites, there have been some cases reported of skin irritation, swelling, bleeding and inflammation in rare cases. Detecting the reaction of a bed bug bite at the initial stages is very important. Since bed bugs feed on human blood for their survival, it is important to keep your homes and commercial establishments free of these bed bugs, especially if you have kids or elderly people staying along with you.


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