15951457_s (1)Bedbugs are extremely intrusive insects and it gets worse because they also extremely good at hiding. Their tendency to survive without feeding for a long time works to a disadvantage too because it means they will survive in your household till whenever food comes through.

Bedbugs are hardly seen when they are in motion, they are careful with their movements; once they are infested, they travel around as humans travel too with their property. Bedbugs emanate from temperate and the tropics, which sounds like, ‘yes, very far from me’ but unsanitary situations draw them closer because unsanitary conditions are temperate too. Sadly too, a very clean living condition also has this temperate condition as the bugs have been reported to infest even five-star hotels, nursing homes and so on. To prevent these bugs, the real measure is to always clean furniture, mattresses, head boards, suitcases, bags, and a lot more.

Bedbug prevention should be taken really seriously because one female bedbug can produce between 200-500 eggs for reproduction. Bed bugs are still a serious headache throughout the United States as well as across a multitude of countries in Europe. Having an elementary knowledge of how you get bed bugs can make a big difference when it comes to eliminating their spread.

Here are four of the most common ways you could get bed bugs invading your house:

1. Travel – We all love to treat ourselves and our children to the odd vacation and some of us need to travel on business. Alas, this is actually the most frequent way for bed bugs to find their way into our homes. These vampire pests are really good hitch hikers that can crawl into bags and other belongings left in hotel rooms, on airplanes or from any other type of public transport where they might be hiding away. It only takes one traveler or visitor to have the bugs on their clothing or perhaps inside their bags to cause an infestation.

2. Friends and family – How do you get bedbugs from guests? Well, just as mentioned earlier, bedbugs mainly travel as humans travel and travelling family members and friends if infested are an agent of bedbug transmission.

3. Purchasing clothing from second hand shops – times are difficult and obviously money is tight for some individuals. Should you buy pieces of clothing from such outlet convey them back home in a selected sack. Wash them at as high a temperature as the fabric will permit and tumble dry promptly. Employing ensembles on events like Halloween can likewise be hazardous and you in all likelihood will never be 100% certain they have been washed and checked beforehand. In this occasion you need to completely inspect everything before you choose to take it into your home.

4. Taking in furniture from dumpsters or maybe from the street – irrespective of how desperate you might be this really is not advisable. There is every possibility that the items have been thrown out because they contain bedbugs!