cockroach-70295_960_720Naturally roaches are seen in warm areas of the house; under logs, around cabinets, and all of that. This why you generally find them in numbers indoors rather than outdoors. Roaches are not the best of companies, so by all means try to keep them out of the home, else you may find that roommate that you never had and never wanted. Like every other creature on the planet they have a reaction to temperature and this write up will just educate you on how to exploit this.

Cockroaches are cold blooded creatures without the capacity to adjust their body temperature, so they are wired to survive in regular warm temperatures, but that is of course if you’re not trying to burn them. Generally, cockroaches do not survive if between the temperature gets overly hot or cold; a lot of the roaches’ do not survive when they’re exposed to temperatures above about 115 or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit for an excess amount of time. Other cockroach species like the Austrian and Surinam will not survive for too long in the cold because they are subtropical.

Temperature effect can be tweaked to an advantage by any victim of cockroach infestation; lowered temperature below 45 degrees slows before eventually halting growth and reproduction of cockroaches.

Cockroaches are widely regarded as survivors, and given a little time they can just begin to adapt to cold temperatures. This is noticeable with the oriental cockroaches that have been proven to survive for longer periods in subfreezing temperatures.

The survival instincts of cockroaches is key to their response to temperature change, when there is abrupt and severe temperature change they will most likely not survive it, but when the temperature change is gradual their impressive physiology helps them adapt to these little changes. So, if you’re looking to employ temperature change in dealing with cockroaches do it the Assasin Creed way; do it fast and strong.

If roaches infest a valuable item of yours, it is sane practice to put the item in a plastic bag then place in the refrigerator, allow it to freeze for something like five days then afterwards take out the roaches then clean out the item.

If roaches probably had a choice they would be begging you to leave the room at a regular warm temperature, but they don’t so smoke them out or freeze them out.