10543624_sOne thing you need to know is that Rats can squeeze into amazingly small areas in your house. The most amazing thing is that, even a Rat that looks very big can find its way through the tightest gab and holes in a building without stress. This is one of the most amazing things about the way rats enter into a house. So, if you want to know how Rats can get in your house, here are some of the possible routes they go through.

  1. Pipe Entry Holes

Pipe entry hole is one of the major entrances of rats into a house. At a point in time during construction, you may notice that there have been small entry holes left in the process of putting a pipe into the building. These openings play a big role in making rats into the house. With this, it is a reminder that Rats can squeeze themselves into the tightest opening one can imagine, and pipe entry holes might just be perfect entry for them.

  1. A.C Chases

This may sound unbelievable, but eye witnesses have confirmed that Rats can find their ways in a house through the air conditioner chases. You have to understand that the A.C chases have some openings that rats can squeeze themselves in, and when rats knew that there’s a chance of entering into the building, they will not hesitate to try.

  1. Fascia Boards

Rats can also get into a house through the fascia boards. It’s possible, because they can chew through wood and if that has happened, then the road will be open for them as easy as ABC.

  1. Roof Joint

If there are openings on a roof joint (no matter how small they are) rats can get into the building with ease. You may be wondering whether this is possible or not, but the truth is rats have the skills to do the unbelievable as long as they will find what they are looking for.

  1. Ground Level Vent

Another most notable place where rats can get into a house is through the ground level vent. Studies have shown that rats have been utilizing that opportunity to enter a house through the vent; this is one of the major contributors to Rats infestations into a building.

  1. Openings Where Electric Wires Go In

Rats can also get into a house through any opening where electric wires go into the building. Remember that rats have the ability to squeeze into any gab that can lead them into a building; therefore, leaving openings where electric wires go in, can provide a path for this pest.

  1. Ridge Cap

The roofing cap can also be a possible entrance for rats into a house. If there is any opening or a hole on the ridge cap, chances are the rats can have their way in without any hassle.