cockroach-566712_960_720No one ever announced that they got rid of their cockroach infestation easily, and that is because getting rid of roaches is one of the most cumbersome tasks anyone can take on even for professional exterminators. They never seem to go away completely; one and the next day you will find another one, take care of that one and it doesn’t stop you from finding 10 more another time. It all seems like they are unstoppable, and it’s even worse knowing that they have the genetics that helps them survive harsh living conditions, including various traps that humans try to kill them with.

Cockroaches are normally around 15 mm long. Unfortunately, some have been found to be up to 9 cm long! Do everything you can to keep these big guys out of your house. Fortunately, if you do see them, there are some ways to kill them and make sure that their friends never return to your house again.

Tips to getting rid of roaches

There are three tips that I recommend to anyone who is interested in getting rid of roaches. While these tips may seem simplistic, they are effective for basic cases of roaches. Fortunately there are plans that go even further for more extreme cases of roaches. Here are the three basic suggestions:

• Remove any and all crumbs from your home. Also, mop up any spills you may have in your cupboards, on your floors and all around your counters. Roaches unfortunately live off of similar food is we do. They searched the house for any remnants of food or drink left behind.

• Make your own roach killing concoction! My preference is one that mixes sugar water and baking soda. Simply mix this in a bowl and serve to your cockroach friends. They will eat it up as though it is a Thanksgiving dinner, and within a day or two you should see the wonderful effects of this method.

• Finally, you can go the old-fashioned route. By a set of roach killing traps and set them up in various locations. I recommend that at least one goes in your cabinets, one in your bathroom, and one on your floor. Try to keep these traps away from any opening containers of food. Also, make sure that you get the effective roach killing traps. Some tend to work like a charm whereas some tend to be rather useless.

Getting rid of roaches will never be easy, but it is possible. Use the tips offered above to make this task slightly easier. If it doesn’t work though, you may need to seek out some more powerful measures. Fortunately, these methods aren’t very hard to find online.