With over 12,000 species ants are certainly contenders for some of the most populous insects in the world. All together all these various species amount to a round figure of over 10 billion of ants. That’s a lot of pests to handle don’t you think? Another fact about ants is their preference to be more active in the spring season. This is no fanciful preference; ants emerge around the spring season because like most pests they adore a warm weather. Springtime is when the weather gears towards warmness. This fact can help you put some precise resistance against ant infestation in your home.

If there are hundreds of houses in your neighborhood and you manage to be hosting ants in your home then something has to wrong right? Coupled with a thing for warm sites no pest wants to be in a place where there is next to no access to food and water. Even if they make it there they won’t survive for too long. Hence, the reason why a warm home with lots of food water will appeal to the ants more. If this sounds like your home then you know what you are doing wrong by now.

When the springs arrive next time it is important that you are braced for impact by doing the following:

Rid environment of food particles:

No one wants to live anywhere there is no food and this includes the ants. Ensure always that your food is stored away properly and any food particle littering the home should be taken out as soon as they get there. Ants tend to thrive where there is sweet food as shown by the sugar ants, so you might want to take extra care with your sugar and honey.

Cracks and crevices:

If you stopped reading this piece now to go check if there are ants in the crevices and cracks around your home you’ll most likely come back nodding in accordance. This is because ants are very adept at finding cracks and crevices around a building. So before spring is nigh, be sure to fix the cracks and crevices by using insulation or whatever. Just fix them.

Freeze the out:

The spring times can get uncomfortably warm so you might want to turn up the cold around the home a little. This will coincidentally ‘freeze out’ ants and other pests from pestering your life. If you have always been reluctant or too lazy to fix the cold in your home, there is the nudge you need.

Ants are very tough guys with such a large population and the ability to lift stuff 20 times their own body weight. Surely you don’t want to be living with these guys when spring falls or any other season at all. So be proactive and don’t let in any visitor who is not paying any rent to crash around. Save the family and home from these tough guys and enjoy the spring time.