centipedes-975247_960_720Centipedes are pests that are quite challenging to catch and kill. The main reason for this is that centipedes can move very quickly and can cheat you very easily. Once a centipede enters your home, it is very difficult for you to stop further infestations from them. Hence, you have to do all what you can to kill these little beings so that you can save yourself from their bites. Centipede bites are not venomous or do not carry any diseases; however these bites pain a lot. You will feel an acute stinging sensation in your body as soon as you get bitten by a centipede or millipede. One of the renowned names and an expert in the pest control industry, Toro Pest Management, has suggested the following home remedies for you to prevent centipede infestations.

Keeping cracks closed
Centipedes are so tiny and so swift that they enter through the tiniest of cracks in your building. If you want to avoid centipede infestations, one of the first things that you have to take care is to check if your cracks are sealed and if your foundation is strong. Never leave any room for these centipedes to creep into your house.

Proper drainage systems to keep your home dry and clean
Centipedes and millipedes love wet and damp areas. They breed in these areas. So if you have not set up proper drainage system in your house, these tiny pests are likely to enter your house easily from these wet lands. In order to prevent centipedes from entering your home, you should ensure that the areas around the foundation of your house are always kept clean and dry. In damp areas, you can drop in packets of silica, as they absorb moisture easily and keep your house dry and neat.

Spraying insecticides
One effective way to control these centipedes is to spray an effective yet environment friendly insecticide around the foundation of your home, on the borders of your outside doors etc. These multi-legged pests come from outside; hence when they enter into your house, the powerful insecticide is likely to kill them instantly or within a short time, depending on the size of the centipedes. Toro Pest Management, one of the best pest control service providers, can be consulted, for getting this insecticide. Sprays that contain cyhalothrin are highly effective for killing centipedes.

Keeping your house pest-free
Centipedes thrive on other pests like ants, bugs, cockroaches etc. Therefore, if you keep your house free from all these, centipedes will naturally stop entering your house. However, this cannot be achieved by simple home remedies alone. Professional help is definitely necessary when it comes to killing other pests and thereby eventually controlling centipedes.

Spraying cayenne pepper
Cayenne Pepper powder and sprays are available in the market easily. These are highly effective for killing centipedes. You can spray a little cayenne pepper powder along the foundations of your home and at entry/exit points, as these are the areas through which centipedes make their entry. The smell of this powder will deter centipedes from coming into your homes.