30148674_s (1)Rats can cause serious problem for home owners, ranging from destruction of properties to causing diseases and infections. It is important to know that no one will love to have rats in his or her home; the reason is simple, you will never have a peace of mind as long as rats are in your house. However, all hope is not lost; as we’re going to show you some strategies you can adopt in order to prevent rats completely from living in your home.

  1. Fencing

Fencing is regarded as one of the most effective ways to prevent rats from entering a home. You are advised to fence as much area of your house as you can so that you will deny them access completely.

  1. Keep a cat

No matter how stubborn rats can be, a cat can make their life miserable and will also help prevent them from coming into your house as soon they notice that a cat is always there. There is no way a cat and rat can stay in the same place, whenever a cat makes a sound rats will surely run to their hidden places. That is why you need to have a cat in your house so that rats will not have their way in.

  1. Use Repellants

The use of Repellants has been considered highly effective in preventing rats in a house. There are lots of repellants to make use of – ranging from chemicals to predators, as well as other things that will help gets rid of rats from your surroundings within a twinkle of an eye. Experts suggest that the use of repellants like Blood or born meal fertilizer, or Ammonium soap sprinkled around the house can do the job for you.

  1. Hunt or trap them

 If you can, you should hunt the rats to get rid of them; otherwise you will have to look for professional trappers to do the needful. However, it’s important to know that hunting them down can be challenging because rats can squeeze through anything that has an opening. If you are capable for this task, then you have to do it.

  1. Block every opening in the house

While this may not be easy, it’s important to understand that blocking of possible entrances where rats can go into the house is of paramount importance in preventing them from your home. Check through places like the ridge cap, the roof joint, the ground level vent, the burrow holes, etc and block these openings so that rats will find it difficult to enter into the house.


In conclusion, remember that preventing rats in your house can present a number of challenges especially when the house has a lot of openings. However, when you make use of the above methods and stick to them, chances are rats will find it difficult to have a base in your home. The most important thing to do is ensure that you do all the necessarily things to make your house free from rats, because they are problematic not only to your home alone, but also the entire environment.