2Battling household pests is a common problem that wreaks havoc for persons living in Bronx, NY, generally requiring extensive cleanup and repairs that can be expensive and time consuming. Although, many states in America face this same problem and it is known that these pests can cause many human diseases especially to the children, and also, they make rooms dirty. Nowadays in Bronx, pets are a common problem. Each citizen of Bronx wants pest free life and working places. This has prompted many exterminator companies as they try to decrease the growth of these insects and work fast to remove them from homes or offices.

Below are the most common pests seen around the homes and offices in Bronx.

Rats and Mice
In Bronx, rats and mice are a real nuisance. While mice are smaller than rats, both carry known allergies and are capable of spreading disease, not to mention being capable to doing some real damage to the structures within your home. Some telltale signs of rodent infestations are, droppings, Burrows and holes, gnaw marks on walls and furniture, excessive garbage or clutter (where they tend to congregate.) and so on.

Bed Bugs
These parasites feed on human blood when there is a lack of a reliable source of food. They have a tendency of hiding inside mattresses and since they are nocturnal, they will have an easier time coming out and feasting on your blood as you sleep. However, the small bugs can also hide in other areas including furniture, wallpaper and curtains. Unsanitary environments tend to be suspect for the infestations, but this is not always true. Pets can carry the bed bugs into your house or you could also end up carrying when you have been in an infested area. It is also believed that some environmental and climatic conditions can lead to the infestations.

The presence of cockroaches is enough to give anybody something to worry about and the fact that they, like rats and mice, come out mostly at night can make them hard to detect. Look for cracks and gaps in walls and around windows where roaches can get in, and look for their droppings, which may appear as dust or smudges, on walls, along floorboards, and under sinks. While they may not cause structural damage, the presence of even a single roach is a problem, and a major infestation can take months to clear.

Carpenter Bees
While any type of bee’s nest can be a problem, particularly if you are allergic to stings, carpenter bees are a real nuisance in Bronx. They make nests by drilling holes in wood around your home, such as on decks and porches, and can quickly multiply and make your outdoor uninhabitable if not attended to right away. Look for signs such as small, circular holes in beams, as well as the presence of saw dust from their drilling on your porches railings and floors.

There are different species of spiders but the Common House Spider is the most commonly found spider in Bronx homes and businesses. Although it doesn’t bite, it is considered a nuisance pest.

Flies are not only a nuisance pest but of greater concern is its potential as a carrier of disease organisms, having been found to harbor over 100 different pathogenic organisms. Adult flies are about 1/8-1/4” long with females usually larger than males. They are a dull gray color and have two wings and four dark stripes on the back thorax. The most frequently encountered flies in Bronx, NY include: Fruit Flies, House Flies, Blow Flies, Cluster Flies, Phorid Flies, Drain Flies and Fungus Gnats.

These pests are somewhat very difficult to prevent and can’t be eliminated completely. But with our help , they can be driven very far from your home.