Bed bugs are tiny parasites that can be picked from any given area that is infested whether it is a hotel, gym, store, offices among other places. These bugs are able to hide in luggage, humans and personal belongings hence they take a ride back home with you to your apartment or townhouse without your knowing it. Travellers have a tendency of picking this tiny parasites and the fact is that an infestation can be really hard to eliminate. It is therefore very helpful to try as much as possible to prevent the infestations and here are some of the things you can do to keep them at bay.

At home

Because it is possible for anyone to bring the bed bugs home, a few home tips can help you reduce the chances of an infestation.

Get rid of clutter around the home so that you have an easier time finding the bed bugs in case they are present.

Wash your bed linens on a regular basis and try as much as possible to use hot temperatures as the fabric can handle than allow them to dry properly. Bed bugs cannot stand too much heat and this can be a simple way of getting rid of a few before they breed into an infestation.

Inspect any second hand furniture you might purchase for your home use. A close inspection can help you take the necessary steps before you bring infested furniture into your home.

Take the time to inspect your home after you move in, after a trip or after you have had visitors sleep over or stay for some time in your home. It might seem ridiculous but it can go a long way in helping you prevent an infestation.

When Travelling

Because it is much easier to pick bedbugs when you travel and probably sleep in infested facilities, you also want to make sure that you take the necessary measures to reduce the risks.

Check all possible surfaces for infestation signs. Rust colored spots or stains on mattress tag, seams, bed sheets and even bed skirts can be very good signs that there is an infestation.

Check out possible bed bug hiding areas including beneath the mattress, headboard, furniture and bed frame. Remember that even though they come out at night usually to feed, they can be found a short distance from the bed during the day. Check around cracks and crevices just to be sure.

Keep your luggage elevated on a rack away from walls and the bed. This is important because it is common for bed bugs to hide behind picture frames, electrical outlet panels, artwork and headboards.

Pay close attention to your luggage when repacking and even when you get back home. Make sure you unpack away from the bed and store luggage away in your closet away from the bedroom if possible.

If you are suspicious about your accommodation facility during travel, place your clothes into the dryer as soon as you get home for 15 minutes in high temperature settings.