rodentRodents are one of the most embarrassing kinds of pests in commercial and residential establishments. They not only cause excessive damage to properties but also spoil food items very quickly. One has be to very careful when trapping rodents, because these are of different types. A trap which works for one type might not work for other. Broadly, there are two kinds of rodents – mice and rats. While mice are quite small, rats are bigger in size and thus require bigger traps. Interested to find out about some tips that might help you with rodent control? Read on to know more:

Placement of rodent traps
The most common and time-tested formula for catching rodents (residential and commercial) is through traps. Expert pest control service providers like Toro Pest Management (one of the best in Florida) suggests placing these traps in the right place for controlling the population of rodents. A scary feature about rats is that they reproduce at a very rapid pace. Therefore, even if you spot one rodent at your place, you should expect more damage in the near future. Many kinds of traps are available in the market today like Snap, Electronic & Glue. You should consult with a professional to know what kind of traps you need to use, quantity of traps that you will need, distance between traps and many more technical information of this type.

Rodenticides or baits
Using baits is another effective method for controlling infestation of rodents. When these are placed in areas where rodent activity is at its peak, rodents get curious and start biting on them. Since there are lots of chemical ingredients in them, these rodents get killed within a day of consuming these baits. However there are quite a few factors that you need to keep in mind while using these rodenticides – 1) Knowing exactly where to place the baits 2) Not exposing these baits to kids at home and 3) Facing the probability of having a dead rodent around in your house for some time.

Cleanliness and hygiene
Mice and rats enter into homes through tiny holes in walls, minute openings and other cracks. Hence, if you want to control the reproduction of rodents, you will have to first seal off these cracks and holes. Ensure that you sign up a deal with a giant in pest control services like Toro Pest Management, through which professional agents will conduct home visits to your place regularly and check if all is in place. This way, you can keep an eye on infestation of rodents and ensure that they don’t create any further damage to your property.

Since baits and traps are available in various sizes, you should strike a deal with your service provider to understand more about the kind of rodents that are damaging your property. Knowledge about these pests will help you to a great extent in choosing the right control mechanism. Rodents have the uncanny skill to keep reappearing; therefore ensure that you completely wipe off all marks of their existence from your house or establishment.