Have you ever noticed a tiny little bug (in brown color) in your home, garden or farm? And when you tried catching this bug, it emits a foul stinking smell? Don’t know if congrats are in order but you just discovered a stink bug. You might want to learn what stink bugs are and why they so stink.

As the name indicates, these bugs stink so they deserve the names given to them, stink bugs. When threatened, they will release a foul-smelling liquid through a small gland that is located beneath their abdomen. Their tendency to emit foul stinking smell is their natural defense mechanism against predators. Emitting the foul smelling liquid will also serve as warnings to other bugs of the same species. The stinky-smell of these bugs will be gone after some time, although you may not catch the smell all the time, it will continue to attract these same species to your home.

These stinky insects are from the hermiptera order and they are also known as shield bugs. They are nicknamed shield bugs because they carry triangular shield-like-wings on their backs, measuring about three-quarter inch and with triangular like shape, these bugs come in various color i.e. brown, grey and dark green. Like an insect, they also have 6 legs, a pair of wings and antenna.
These bugs feed on fruits, plants and vegetable. They have a tiny and sharp mouth part that is used to suck juices from these fruits and plants. They affect the commercial values of these vegetables and fruits they attack as there will be discoloration in the fruits.

The bugs’ ability to reproduce quickly means they can be a pest to farmers and in the home. These bugs have been known to destroy crops like tomato and apples and cause thousands of damages to the farmers. They also cost the fresh produce to cost higher as lesser crops are being harvested.

These bugs are not harmful to humans and generally do not bite; however, there have been some reported cases of humans being bitten by them. Probably the most annoying factor about these bugs to humans is their stinky smell and the annoying buzzing sound they make as they fly around the house.

These bugs can exist basically anywhere in the house, although they have knack for hiding in places that are dark and attic (where they can reproduce rapidly), behind curtains and drawers and even on toilet papers. Be sure to seal and check you split air-conditioner to make sure that it will not become a nesting place for these bugs. Also, you don’t want you to see swamps of stink bugs flying out from your air-conditioner when you turn it on in summer; the sight of it will freak you out.

Stink bugs are mostly found in the southern region of the United States. However, a recent new species from Asia has been causing havoc in the Middle Atlantic States like Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This new species were shipped accidentally through cargos to the United States of America and their first official recording was done in the 90s in Allentown, Pennsylvania.