bed bug 2There are many kinds of pests and insects that can infest your residential or commercial buildings. In order to eliminate these infestations permanently, it is mandatory to understand which pest has actually infested your building. Once you have identified the pests correctly, you can start proper treatment for the same. This applies to bed bugs as well. It is quite common to confuse infestations from bed bugs with attacks from other common insects. However, if ignored or if not detected properly in the initial stages, this can lead to costly repair works later on. Here are some of the common symptoms that will give you valid clues when you experience bed bug infestations at your place:

  • Any infestation sign on beds, beddings and mattresses
  • Sweet and stuffy aroma odour in the areas of beddings
  • Any infestation sign on the cracks of walls and pipes
  • Dried excreta or egg shells

It becomes increasingly difficult to spot these bed bugs as they are very small in size and can get in easily into homes through the slightest of crack in the walls. Their favourite area is the bedroom. If you want to spot early infestations of beg bugs, you have to check out your mattresses, bed sheets, pillows and other areas around the bed every morning to see if you can spot any blood or dried excreta on them. If you find any of these, these are clear indications of bed bug infestations.

Once they are not controlled or identified in the bedrooms, bed bugs slowly enter into other parts of your house. Cardboard boxes, furniture, walls, head and footboards and all areas within close vicinity to the bedroom are some of the happy dwelling places of bed bugs. They are very active during the wee hours of night and in order to detect their infestations at an early stage, it becomes imperative to check mattresses and bed sheets regularly every morning.

When you experience a skin irritation in the morning and find that your skin has swollen or is continuously itchy, it is also a clue that you have received a bed bug bite during your sleep. When your skin is sensitive, it is easy to spot infestations. However, most people don’t feel anything after a bed bug bite, thus leaving things grow out of hand.

Controlling bed bug infestations

Once you spot bed bug infestations, the first and most logical thing that you should do is to contact a professional pest control agency to control the same. Ensure that you choose a reputed name in this field, because you are entrusting the safety of your building to them. When you choose a leading name in this field like Toro Pest Management, which has been providing a wide variety of cost effective pest control solutions in Bronx, New York, you have nothing to fear. With their expert team at the helm of affairs, you can rest assured knowing that you will be completely relieved of all bed bug related problems within a short span of time.