The adverse effect on health by the tiny bed bugs is quite noticeable. Consider this if you are losing a chunk of your blood in the night without taking any notice of situation, what chance you have of fighting. The question which worries almost anyone with this infestation is that why my home is being attacked by these creatures? The answer is not always simple and straight forward; these sneaky creatures can invade the home overnight and without making any noise.

The common ways that the bugs attack home is quite astonishingly simple. They just attach you or your luggage innocently. Unless you are super sharp, spider man or with amazing reflexes finding the bugs attached to you is quite difficult. The places with bad sanitation and cleaning situation like neglected parts of city or the prison can be harboring the millions of bed bugs; a simple visit to these places can bring them with you quite easily.

The problem with the bugs is that even if you are not sleeping in normal hours, they can find a fortune time quite easily. They can easily detect the person while the body is motionless and defenseless. The carbon dioxide from our breath is often the main way they detect the humans. The open body parts are often the first place they attack.

The skyscrapers or high-rise buildings are somehow more prone to the bed bugs attack as they only need to cross the walls just once. The heavy traffic areas like lobby can be ideal place the bugs attack the innocent people moving. The problem with being in such places is that one cannot avoid being out in public and chances of bringing bugs back home is quite real and often unavoidable. Similarly the other simple ways like animals, pets can also bring back the bugs to your home more easily then you might think.