You can live bedbug free for many years but once you get infested by these pests it would be as though they had been there forever. If you haven’t encountered bedbugs yet here’s a ‘mayday’, no one ever wants to encounter bedbugs. They are adept in their hiding skills and they transmit some of the cruelest ailments including skin rashes, psychological and allergic symptoms. The question, ‘why are bedbugs so hard to be rid of?’ was borne out of the questions most people infested by bed bugs ask. So we are going to answer the question from our wealth of research and experience into pests.

Body Structure:
Bedbugs are just about the size of half a bean grain (5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long) and they have really flat bodies. Insects are known to set up camp in the most ridiculously small places, but the flatness of bedbugs helps them take hiding to a whole new level. With body structure like that it is a nightmare even for the exterminator to go about seeking them out. They are mostly found dwelling in soft and fluffy stuff like beddings, fur coats, and the likes. So their body structure turns out to be a blessing to them and a curse to you (if you have been infested of course).

Much to the frustration of humans and joy of the bedbug family reproduction in these little creatures is super-fast. From the egg phase it takes just a few months for a bedbug to be matured enough to lay their own eggs. Couple this with the fact that a single female bedbug is capable of laying 500 eggs in her lifetime and you might probably know how much of a nightmare it is getting rid of these bad boys.

Bedbugs have the super tendency to go the lot of over 550 days without feeding. So if the game plan was to leave the home and let them pass out think again.

The best way to go about ridding bedbugs off the house is by taking a proactive poise to this. Keep the home squeaky clean, fill up all crevices and cracks; treat every piece of furniture or anything with stuffing or fur. If you find a piece of furniture infested just burn it down my friend because there could be enough bedbugs for the neighborhood in that.

Keep your home free of these nuisances and keep the whole family educated on how these little monsters operate.