Bedbugs are nasty parasites because they feed human blood at night, usually without any suspicion. Most people who identify infestations are those that react to the bites from the bugs meaning that if you are among those that do not have any reactions; you can harbor the parasites for a long time. But if you are keen enough, blood stains and fecal stains can alert you that you have an infestation or you could also manage to pick a characteristic odor that tells you the bedbugs are present.

When you identify an infestation, the next most logical thing to do is to find ways of getting rid of the bedbugs. Pest control services can come in handy, especially if you are not too sure of how to handle the tiny bugs. But there are still natural ways you can opt for to try and control the infestations.

1. Use Kidney bean leaves. The leaves have microscopic hooked hairs on their surfaces and they end up impaling the feet of the tiny bugs so they are not are not able to go free. You can spread them on the floor on the infested room to assist in the trapping.

2. Use pyrethrum. The extracts of pyrethrum work as an insecticide by attacking the nervous system of the bedbugs killing them in the process. The extracts are got from dried pyrethrum flower heads.

3. Use essential oils. The best for getting rid of the bedbugs are oregano oil and tea tree oil. They work by suffocating the bugs when they block the spiracles that make part of the respiratory system. You can combine the essential oils with water in a spray can or bottle and then spray the mixture lightly on furniture, sheets, bed frames and even crevices where you suspect the bedbugs could be hiding. Orange and cedar oils can also be good remedies.

4. Use heat treatment. Extreme heat will toast the small bugs and you can easily get such heat from your blow drier or you can get the infested items outdoors in a hot sunny day. The heat from the sun will not only destroy the bedbugs, but also the eggs.

5. Use cold treatment. Just like the heat treatment, cold treatment can also work great in ridding your home off the bed bugs. They are susceptible to such temperature extremes and you can therefore control the infestations by altering with the stable temperatures they require to thrive. Simply place fans on the floor near infested beds or furniture and turn them to cool and dry air. You can let the cold air circulate for at least three hours to get good results.

6. Use alcohol. It kills the bugs once it gets into contact because it dehydrates them and their eggs as well. It can be sprayed on infested items including the walls, but carefully because it can end up staining some surfaces. Start by testing small furniture portions for any reactions before going ahead with the spraying.

There are so many possible ways of getting rid of a bedbug infestation that you could be dealing with in your home. But you can always call in the experts if it proves to be too tedious for you to handle.