commercial-buildingCommercial establishments attract large number of customers and clients and the truth is that they can highly judge your business based on what they see. The last thing you want as a business is to have pests appearing and disappearing in the full view of your customers. It can run your image and credibility hence loss of valuable customers. Apart from messing your image, having pests in your business premises means you are at risk of having your valuable, documents and merchandise damaged. Your structures also remain at risk considering that some of these pests such as rats can end up eating on your structures weakening them in the process.

When faced with pest issues, most people personally try to exterminate the pests. This is not always an easy task because pests can be everywhere and not every product you choose to use will work effectively. The control technique that you use can also hinder you from getting rid of the pests effectively. For instance, if you are not able to establish where the pest nests are, you will only get rid of a few of them but not the infestation. After extermination, you also need to come up with effective ways of keeping your establishment free from future infestations by eliminating all features that encourage breeding and thriving of the pests. This is not something most people remember when dealing with pests.

The good news however is that you can finally protect what matters most to you using professional commercial pest control services. At Toro Pest Management, we will give you peace of mind maintaining your business image and keeping all your valuables protected from damaging pests. We have pest control experience, having been in the field since 1969 and offer integrated pest management services using state of art tools, methods and products to give your business long term solutions for those pesky pest issues.

Our services
Toro Pest Management offers a number of commercial pest control services including:

• Pest Inspections and Evaluations – Conducive Conditions Reports
• Monitoring – Gel Baits – Tamper Resistant Rodent Bait Stations – Traps
• Pro Active Treatments for Roaches – Ants – Rats – Mice – Flies – Bees
• Monthly – Every Other Month – Quarterly – Annual Protection Plans
• Customized programs to fit every individual need
• Truck Mounted Power Spray Equipment – Exterior Perimeter Protection

Service coverage
Our commercial pest control services are comprehensive in terms of areas that we can handle. We offer the services to:

• Restaurants and bars
• Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities
• Office Buildings and other commercial properties
• Warehouse and distribution centers
• Hotels, lodging, and hospitality locations
• Food and beverage processing
• Retail stores and malls
• Schools, Universities, and other educational facilities
• Federal, state, and local government buildings and facilities
• Transportation: Mass Transit, Buses, Trains, Airports & Boats

You can enjoy management on a monthly basis or quarterly and annually depending on your specific needs. We also include educational services on sanitation practices and eliminating conducive conditions that make it possible for the pests to come back. We will use our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, to keep your area safe. Whether your business is large or small, your property provides unique opportunities for pests to live and breed. Our dedicated commercial division is trained and equipped to handle any type of commercial pest problems. TORO can design a customized program to fit the special needs of your facility.