Pest infested schools and training institutions are not the safest and cleanest of environments yet they have children who easily get infections. Such areas are not safe for adults or teens and therefore a solution need to be found as soon as the pest issues start showing up. If you are in charge or a school that has been invaded by pests, then you should consider commercial pest control services in order to:

• Keep the children or learners safe and healthy
• Keep your school furniture and stationary safe from pest damages
• Retain the beautiful school surroundings that can be damaged by pests
• Maintain a worry free pest free school environment for all
• Keep your school structures in top shape saving you from repair costs
• Improve the image of the school and reputation as far as standards go

These are all important points whether you are running a kindergarten or a university because pests do not really choose areas to infest as long as the conditions make it possible for them to breed and survive. Toro Pest Management has the most comprehensive pest control plans for educational facilities and will fetch you the desired results in no time at all.

Why our services are best
graduateToro currently offer pest management services to tens of educational facilities and school and therefore understand the challenges the facilities face. We offer Integrated Pest Management plan to offer the fast and safe solution that our clients require to continue with the smooth running of the facilities.

We work with principals, head custodians and campus services personnel to provide discreet and convenient service, including after-hours and weekend service. Toro also values the environment and therefore uses pest green organic products for low impact. We will sanitize the school without putting your staff or learners and the environment at any risk thanks to our carefully selected pest control products and techniques. Our solutions are safe and effective.

Toro Pest Management handles any school regardless of the size and still manages to get rid of the pests and offer long term solutions. You can rely on us to provide your facility with long term solutions regardless of the extent of infestation and size of the school. Our services are comprehensive, safe and effective.

Our professionals have enough training and experience to handle any pest problem. The exterminators know pest behaviors and how to handle them and get rid of them in the safest and most effective ways. Your property is safe in our professional hands and so is the entire school fraternity.

Toro offers much more than just treatment and extermination of existing pests. We offer you preventative solutions to keep future infestations at bay. You can also greatly benefit from our educative programs to help you understand pests and how to make property improvements to keep them off your school facility.

When to call us
Call us in as soon as you suspect any pest infestation. Toro technicians will respond fast with Insect Monitors, Rodent bait stations, inspect for signs of pest activity, perform an exterior perimeter barrier treatment around the building to stop pest from coming in. In case the bugs come back so will TORO at no additional cost to you. TORO will respond within 24 hours Guaranteed