What is Integrated Pest Management?

greenappleearthIntegrated Pest Management is a process that revolves around decision making to combine strategies that are effective enough to create one strategy that takes care of all pest issues. The process coordinates pest knowledge, environmental information and management methods to prevent damages that occur as a result of pest infestations. In the strategy, economical means are used to reduce dangers to the property, people within it and the environment in general. Toro Pets Management offers the IPM services all through New York and surrounding areas.

In essence, the main goal of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to reduce pesticide reliance when it comes to controlling the pests. The conditions leading to the infestations are first identified so that corrective solutions to get rid of the breeding grounds can be reached. Toro strives to maintain safety and therefore begins by non-chemical methods of exterminating the pests before opting for any chemical solutions to take care of the issues at hand. But even in situations where chemical solutions seem to be the best way out, we still go to great lengths to select products with low impact but effective to ensure that the property and environment remains safe.

Toro IPM steps

Our Integrated Pest Management plans are successful because they are well structured to ensure that nothing is left to chance. We follow a step by step process that is bound to achieve the best results with the pest control.

Step 1 Inspection – It is conducted to help us evaluate the pest situation on the property before anything else is decided.

Step 2 Monitoring – After inspection, Toro professionals monitors the pests and the property in general to unveil deeper details that are helpful in settling for the best solution to get that pest free environment at the end of the day.

Step 3 Identification – Truth is that it can be very difficult to control pests when you are not sure what kinds of pests you are dealing with. This IPM step digs deep to know what pests are present within the property to give guidance to solutions that are most effective.

Step 4 Baiting – This step now accommodates treatment of the pests that are present on the property and exterminating them in the safest and most effective way possible.

Step 5  Sanitation recommendations – One of the reasons why pests come back is because conditions supporting their breeding are not taken care of. Toro, under this IPM step, will give you recommendation of how to maintain a pest free environment through the elimination of causative factors and food sources attracting the pests among others. We also offer education on pests, their proper control and preventative measures to keep infestations at bay in the future.

Step 6 Structural recommendations – Apart from availability of food sources and conducive breeding grounds, your structural condition can expose you to pest infestations. Toro will offer you necessary advice to seal off any area within the property that promotes the entry of pests. A few structural changes or improvements can help your pest issue in the long run.