Why control bird invasions?

birdmgnt• Bird populations on your residential or commercial property can be very noisy, making it hard for business to run smoothly or making it possible for you to enjoy some quiet and peace at home.
• They can be messy in that they can leave your property looking unsightly spotted with droppings and feathers all over.
• They could pose health risks because they can transmit diseases through airborne fungi and droppings.
• They can also lead to structural damages when they end up making nests on your buildings.

Birds can complete your garden, but it is quite another thing when they end up invading your property and actually becoming more or of a nuisance than a beauty mark. If the bird population on your property is already becoming a concern, then you need to do something about it.

Toro bird solution
Bird invasions can be very hard to control by relocating because they fly and come back as they please. For this reason, it could be a much better idea to settle for the integrated bird management services by Toro Pest Management. These services are the solutions that you need to take care of the bird menace on your commercial or residential property.

Toro has a range of devices and products that control the birds and they include stealth netting, pin and wire as well as stainless steel spikes among other devices. These products go a long way in keeping your structures protected from the invasions with some offering permanent solutions.

Our Integrated bird management process

At Toro, we believe that every bird invasion needs to be handled individually because not one plan suits all properties. We will therefore customize a suitable management program to fit your needs, structure shape and size. Our management program basically goes through three stages.

Step 1 – Our integrated bird pest control will begin with creating this detailed program. We will conduct a complete inspection and analysis of your structure so we get the direction to start with the control program.

Step 2 – We will then determine the bird food source on the property and make recommendations on how that can be dealt with to keep future invasions or recurring invasions at bay.

Step 3 – Lastly, our integrated pest bird control team will move to identify roosting sites, lofting sites and nesting sites for the birds on your property. The data that we collect helps in making system recommendations so we can start on the program as soon as you approve.
Toro uses green pest bird control techniques to offer safety and effective results. Our bird specialists might start by frightening off the birds before the installation of the bird exclusion devices is done on the property. This is very important because birds are an important part of the ecological system, hence extermination is out of the question. The devices we use do not harm or injure the birds in any way, but only make it harder and impossible for them to invade the property.

Toro Pest Management guarantees to come back on your property for a program repeat in case the birds come back after the devices are installed. We will redo the program at no additional costs to you. Toro bird management experts use only high quality materials, hence offer you reasonable material guarantee of up to ten years.