High storage rack warehouse

Pests put your reputation, structural conditions and sanitation conditions at risk as a business. Businesses can encounter huge losses when they have pest infestations and solutions need to be found fast to save the situation. Toro has helped protect businesses and their reputations for more than 40 years. We start by establishing the specific needs of our clients before customizing effective pest control solutions. Toro has protected businesses from pest infestations and their reputation since 1969. We have professionals who offer control services, employee training and even quality assurance audits.

We have a dedicated commercial division that is well equipped and trained to handle all commercial pest issues. Toro can come up with a customized program for warehouses whether small or large. Contaminated stock and supplies are dreaded because they mean losses and unfortunately insects and rodents can infest your warehouse leading to such losses. At Toro, we have created a rodent control program that won’t disappoint. Apart from eliminating rats from your warehouse, we also control pigeons, roaches, ants and spiders which are pests commonly found in warehouses.

Toro’s levels of protection

1. Property line protection – treatment to rodent burrows
2. Exterior perimeter Rodent Bait Stations to stop them before they come in
3. Interior rodent trapping program
4. Detail inspection
5. Report outlining any conducive conditions such as sanitation and structural deficiencies.

Our guarantee
The abundance of supplies and stocks in supplies make warehouses the perfect pest breeding center. Without the right measures to keep them at bay therefore, you are at risk of experiencing infestations every now and then. Remember that these areas are also dark and have food readily available hence it is easier for pests to survive. Toro guarantees to come back to your warehouse in case the pests come back after our treatment program. Toro Pest Control Management team guarantees you a retake of the program at no additional costs in such instances. It is a guarantee that most other companies do not offer, but you can trust us to stand by our word.

Toro’s protective pest services are very important in keeping the pest menaces controlled. The services you can enjoy with us for your warehouse include:

• Interior rodent trapping programs that will ensure rats and mice get caught as soon as they show up in the center
• Property line protection which involves treating rodent burrows making habitation impossible for them
• Exterior perimeter rodent bait stations which are to stop the pests just before they find their way into your business premises
• Detailed inspections can also be done from time to time to ensure your warehouse or distribution center is pest free

Whether you run a warehouse or a distribution center, you can trust Toro to deliver long term solutions to your pest problems thanks to the effective control methods and protective services. You can now put to rest your poor sanitation, structural damages and image damage issues using our comprehensive pest control programs. We have something for everyone.