cpco-registered-logo-smlPest control is not an easy task especially because some of the pests can be very stubborn and dangerous. The commonly used pesticides also pose health dangers not just to the users but also to everyone who gets exposed to the chemicals or makes contact with the chemical. The environment is not spared either when the chemicals find their way into the farms and surroundings. Every pest management company therefore needs to be well informed on the best products and techniques to reduce the dangers. Individuals faced with pest issues are also advised to let professionals handle the processes for best safe results.

Certified Pest Control Operators CPCO developed a training and certification program designed for companies to adopt integrated pest management commonly referred to as IPM. This training is very important to any pest control company that wants to achieve the best in offering services that are safe and eco-friendly. The training teaches management companies on a number of things including:

• Low impact pesticides and non-chemical methods of dealing with pests
• Effective and safe pest control methods
• How to improve routing efficiency to reduce pollution and fuel use during pest management processes
• How to protect the environment through waste reduction in field and offices
• Recycling policies that sustain that environment

Pest management companies that care to go through the training program are better placed to handle pests because they know how to reduce effects and exposure of pesticides used in controlling the pests. They are also able to make the right decision as far as dealing with the pests without putting anyone or anything at risk. By choosing a company that is CPCO green certified then you know that you can expect only good results with your pest problems. Toro is one such company you can trust with your pest problems.

Our CPCO green certified professionals.
Toro Pest Management takes service delivery very seriously and for this reason out personnel is CPCO trained and certified. By choosing a CPCO Green certified personnel from Toro Pest Management you can be sure that the environment is well protected and so is the health of everyone around. Our pest management team knows:

• The best products for pest control
• How to effectively and safely use the products to keep risks at bay
• Non-chemical methods that are just as effective and safe
• How to reduce exposure of the harmful pesticide to keep everything and everyone healthy and safe

Toro’s pest control team is green certified and trained having participated in intense training of the important program to make them better stewards of the environment and successful exterminators. There is nothing more rewarding and calming than knowing that your service providers know exactly what to do and how to do it and this is what Toro assures you.

Toro Pest Management continues to offer effective and safe pest solutions and also ensures that you enjoy long term measures to save you from any potential future pest threats. We handle the current pest situation and equip you with knowledge to maintain a pest free environment.