Green Home Protection Services – Green Pest Control

eco-friendlylogopng-628x567Green pest control is the use of organic controls and products to get rid of pests. The residential green pest solutions are environment friendly and have minimal intrusions making them some of the best solutions that you can choose for your home. The green products are got from plant oils and extracts such as peppermint, rosemary and wintergreen. These oils and extracts are not only effective and safe, but they have very low or no odors at all and they have low environmental persistence. They make better solutions to insecticides and you do not have to worry when using them in a home with children and pets.

Why get professional help?
When it comes to pest control, it is best for the professionals to handle the process. Toro Pest Management offers affordable green pest solutions and offer excellent results to you. We have professionals trained in insect behaviors and biology and understand how to handle the process effectively on your behalf. We offer integrated pest management protocols to control your pests and keep them at bay. Our professionals are also better placed to make good decisions when it comes to when to use the organic controls and products. You can be sure that your green pest management process won’t be guess work when using our professional services.

Green pest control process
We start with a full inspection of your exteriors and interior so that our technicians know the best natural control solutions to employ in your area depending on the pest types that have infested it. You can get perimeter protection service through turf, soil and mulch areas outside but against your home. Entry point treatment, door threshold, under eaves and window casing treatments can also be done to keep your residence protected from pests. Other areas that the pest control program will touch on are your garbage areas and garage. These are commonly forgotten areas, but our professionals will not leave them untouched.

Crack and crevice treatment injections will be conducted in your kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms to keep the pests away. Insect monitors will also be installed to assist any future pest services. Toro Pest Management is experienced, educated and qualified and hence you can trust us to deliver nothing short of the best. We can control a number of pests and our agreement includes the following pests: American Cockroaches , Oriental Cockroaches , German Cockroaches , Smokey-Brown , Pharaoh Ants , Brown-Banded , Crazy Ants , Thief Ants , Ghost Ants , White Footed Ants , Centipedes , Fire Ants , Millipedes , Silver Fish , Sow bugs , Firebrats , Scorpions , Earwigs , Spiders , Norway Rat , House Mouse and Roof Rat.

Toro green home protection services will also involve treatment around your home appliances such as washers, refrigerators and dishwashers and even dryers which are commonly forgotten. Baiting methods can be combined in the process to give you best results with your pests. We are flexible enough to schedule green control services at your convenience and we also offer flexible payment options including cash, check, major credit cards and pay online.

Ask us about our Green Home Protection today and enjoy the best solutions.