hotel-bedQuality of food and surroundings can break or make a hotel. When thinking about your hotel image, every aspect needs to be factored if you want to create a reputable and reliable brand. You want to offer your customers food that is not contaminated in any way besides offering them sanitary surroundings all through their stay or dining in the hotel. Pests can make this a huge problem for you and you ought to find fast and effective solutions to the pest menace.

Whether you are dealing with spiders, roaches or even rats and other kinds of pests, TORO’s team of trained experts will come to your rescue and help you achieve a sanitary and safe environment. The hotel business is one of the most sensitive and you need to take all precautions to ensure what you serve your customers and the services you extend to them are the best. Toro Pest Management uses pest control program that incorporates products and techniques that are safe and environmentally friendly. They include baiting technology, targeted dust injections, TORO’s insect monitors, injection system to cracks and crevices and documentation on sanitation and structural recommendations.

We strive to work together with our clients to find the best solutions and protect the image and reputation of the hotel.

Why hotel managers trust us
We are already working with a long list of hotels and we seem to create lasting impressions with every one of our clients. Here are some of the reasons why hotel managers we work with trust us fully:

• Free inspections
• Quality Assurance Audits
• A Service Operations Manager assigned to your account
• TORO’s Injection System for cracks and crevices
• TORO’s Dust Injection System
• TORO’s Insect Monitors
• Advanced Baiting Systems
• TORO’s is environmentally responsible
• Natural Oils for insect elimination
• On staff company entomologists
• Best trained technicians in the industry
• Convenient service schedule
• No interruption to your normal operation, after-hours service, weekend service

Besides all these, we also offer a service guarantee to the managers, if the bugs come back, so will TORO at no additional cost to you! This is a guarantee you can enjoy too when you choose us to handle your pest problems. We believe in fast response because some pest problems simply can’t wait. Our team will respond to you in 24 hours guaranteed so you can have the pest issue put to rest fast and easy and for the long run.
Protect your hotel reputation today

Every business owner knows the tedious process of making a name in the market and having a loyal clientele to its name. Pest can ruin your years of hard labor and hence you should seek commercial pest control services as soon as you spot any form of pests. Professional pest control services are great because the keep your property well protected and they are also safe and prompt thereby easily managing the situation before it gets any worse. Toro Pest Management hotel services will help safeguard your hotel’s image and reputation and also help you keep future infestations at bay.