bird-spikesThere are so many bird deterrents that can be used on your property to keep pest birds off the property. One of the solutions you can find is the use of bird spikes. The bird spikes are now installed on hundreds of buildings because of the success they have especially on areas that have heavy bird pressure. The spikes are thin stainless steel rods that are easy to install on desired areas to hinder birds from perching. They offer protection around buildings, on fences, security cameras, parapets, pipes, lights, beams and ledges. It all depends on where you wish to keep the pest birds off.

How they work
The fact is that birds such as gulls and pigeons love flat surfaces to land on. Bird spikes are designed to prevent such landing by interfering with the foothold. The spikes usually have flexible bases that allow conforming to arched and flat areas and are therefore great bird control products for any given area. Toro Pest Management has a bird specialist who knows how to install the spikes to serve all your needs.

Toro Bird spikes
We use steel spikes recommended by contractors, government agencies and architects. Our spikes have a polycarbonate base that is UV resistant and durable, making them great for any given condition. We care about birds and to adhere to animal rights, Toro’s bird spikes are blunted so that no injuries are caused to the birds as they try to perch. This is a feature that also keeps unsuspecting workers from injuries considering that the spikes are virtually invisible.

As a way of keeping debris trapping minimal Toro’s bird spikes wires are installed with 1.5 inch spacing on center-far apart so that birds are repelled but debris entrapping is not supported. You do not have to worry about the spikes changing the look of your property or building because we use clear plastic base and very thin steel rods that are hardly noticeable even for short distances. Toro’s bird spikes plastic base is ideal curved surfaces such as gas station signs because it is flexible for bending. We will match your needs without negatively affecting the look of your property.

Toro Bird spike installation benefits
Our bird spikes are very easy to install. They can be screwed or glued where needed fast and easy to start offering you a reliable bird deterrent solution. Toro use bird spikes that are recommended by major animal right groups hence you need not worry about landing into animal safety issues. We keep birds off your property without hurting them in any way. Toro bird spikes offer a permanent deterrent and work well for different areas thanks to their invisible characteristics. We also install spikes that are high quality in that they do not deteriorate or rust under temperatures that are extreme. We offer a leading guarantee in the industry.

Our installers are knowledgeable, qualified, certified and skills to handle the process perfectly without causing any damages to your property. We respond promptly, evaluate your property and offer you fast installations so you can start enjoying the benefits of the bird spikes.