bustrainIf you have dealt with pests before, then you know that there is practically no place they cannot invade including airports, trains and mass transits. The pests can be very damaging especially as far as the reputation of the service provider goes. They can be scary and unsightly robbing you off customers especially if you are in the transport industry. Airports on the other hand have a lot going on and they do not only handle passengers but also goods and the presences of pests could mean losses and very angry clients.

On the more serious side of pests especially on mass transit are dangerous risks to passengers which can include bites and stings. There is always a need to ensure that you take care of your pest problems as soon as you are aware not only for the sake of maintaining your image and reputation as a service provider but also to have happy and satisfied customers.

The Toro solution
Toro Pest Management offers excellent pest control services to airports, trains and mass transit to ensure that everything runs smoothly, damages are kept at bay and the company image and reputation is preserved. We currently offer the pest control services to hundreds of transportation units and we use integrated pest management which focuses on giving you a pest free environment in the long term. We have what it takes to handle all pest problems effectively to protect your image and improve your services.

What we do
busesToro develops approaches that are comprehensive enough to eliminate existing infestation and then puts preventative measures to control pest recurrence. Our team of professionals starts by conducting detailed inspections and putting in place monitoring programs that help in creating a solution that matches the needs. After the inspection, you will be served with detailed reports of current situation and get recommendations on how to deal with the situation. We also point out the potential health risks before offering you the best solutions.

Toro choose green organic products that are effective and safe for use on the transportation units. Our rapid solutions are very good and reliable in that you won’t have to halt your services to enjoy the best pest control results. We carefully choose the extermination techniques and products for safety and convenience.

Why choose us?
We offer you a service guarantee! It simply means that we will come back to redo the treatment in case the bugs come back after treatment. The guarantee comes at no additional costs on your part because we simply don’t rest until we have achieved the desired results on your space or unit.

Toro Pest Management has trained and certified team of professionals who understand different types of pests, how to handle them and the best extermination techniques. You can rest assured that out team will offer professional services every time.