beetleBeetles are categorized as the largest of insects around the world and they account for 25% of all earthly life forms. The fact is that these insects come in a huge variety made up of over 5 million different species. They are some of the insects most children know because they come across them from a tender age with some, such as the ladybug being very pretty to behold because of the bright red color and the interesting back dots on them.

Insect features
The hard outer shell is the one feature on beetles that makes them easily identifiable. All the species sport this hard outer shell and it is what covers the wings. Beetles only expose the wings when flying and it can be hard to tell that they have wings at all.

The body of a beetle is made up of three sections. The sections are the head, the thorax and the abdomen. When it comes to feeding, the adult insects do not eat away on wood as many people might think when they see holes in wood. Such holes on furniture or structural wood are caused by beetle larvae which eat on the wood. By the time you see the holes, the larvae have already left and the holes make their exits. But it is a clear indication beetle is around there somewhere. In general, the beetles tend to be attracted to the same kind of wood they were born around.

There are common beetles such as the ladybug which are loved by many for their beauty which can actually be advantageous. The ladybug and other beetle species can actually assist in reducing the population of some other types of insects because they feed on them. It is helpful to know which beetle species are beneficial so that you do not end destroying the little helpers on your property.

Treating infestations
A property that has been infested by destructive beetles might need to be treated, especially if the damages are risking the structural stability of the building. It might also be necessary to eradicate beetles that are damaging to furniture and other wooden items around a property. It is not always easy to get rid of the beetles, especially considering that some of them dig deep into the wood making it hard for you to reach them. You might also require enough knowledge on the species that you have on your property so that you can choose the best treatment option to effectively get rid of them.

Fortunately, there are pest control professionals that can take the stress off your shoulders when it comes to treating the infestations. Your local pest professionals have enough knowledge and experience on insects such as beetles and also have the resources to offer a fast and effective solution. For instance, since sprays can be ineffective to get rid of wood eating beetles located deep inside the wood, the professionals know exactly what products and equipment to use to flush them to get you a beetle free environment.