baby-grass (1)Pests can be annoying and destructive for that matter. A good number of people facing pest issues will therefore go to any length to get rid of the pests. Unfortunately most of the pest control methods used are not effective enough and the pests only disappear for a short period before coming back. Most of the methods are also not effective enough because they do not get rid of the underlying issues leading to the pest infestations. But the biggest danger of trying to exterminate pests on your own is the risk of using products that are harmful to your health and the environment in general.

Exposure to products that contain harsh chemicals can lead to very serious health problems making it very important to choose products that are safe but effective. With so many pest control products in the market today, it can be hard for you to tell what products are best. However, by using a good and reliable pest management company, you do not have to worry about safety and pests anymore. Companies such as Toro Pest Management use green products and technique to ensure you remain healthy and the environment is well protected.

The Toro green pest control services
Toro uses the most effective organic products for pest control. These products are very safe and effective mainly because they are made from plant extracts and oils. It means that they can be used without any worries even in households that have pets and toddlers. The organic products are also not harmful to the environment. They are not hazardous and do not lead to any contamination. Our technicians start by evaluating your pest problem before choosing the best green products and non-chemical methods of dealing with the pests. We exhaust all our organic options before opting to any pesticide to handle the pest situation.

The best green products
The ingredients in a green product can determine how effective it is in managing the pest but it is also important to remember that there are so many other natural safe control methods that can be used just as effectively. Many Organic products contain natural botanical plant oils and extracts for example rosemary, wintergreen, peppermint and geraniol all have an Excellent Environmental and Eco-friendly profile such as:

• Botanical Pesticides, Pheromone Traps, and Lures
• Plant Oils (Orange & citrus peel oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, cedar oil, geraniol oil)
• Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)
• Desiccating Dusts

The best thing about the green products is that they have low environmental persistence and have very low odors or no odors at all making them very good alternatives to the insecticides and pesticides. Here are some of the benefits of using Toro’s green pest control services:

• They have low impacts on the environment
• They improve air quality because the process of manufacturing them is mild
• They do not affect water quality as insecticides and pesticides do because they have not harmful chemicals and contaminants
• They protect environmental and human exposure to harmful pesticides and they also protect the ecosystems
• The organic treatments are also pest and site specific for the achievement of best results