TORO Platinum Plus Program: Once a Year Pest Control Service


The Toro Platinum Plus Once a Year Pest Control Service is among the best programs you can choose to have peace of mind that your property remains free from pests. The program will target your exact pest problems once every year, ensuring that your interiors and exteriors remain pest free and sanitary. If you dread any type of pest invading your property, then this is the program you should consider.

Our certified Toro professionals have an easy time putting together a program that works for your specific needs under the Toro Platinum Plus Once Year Inside pest control service. The program is technologically advanced and will exterminate all crawling pests like millipedes, spiders, ants, roaches, scorpions, mice, rats and earwigs among many others. The service covers your property for a whole year and the treatment is environment friendly and clean for your exteriors and interiors as well.

Apart from this you will get an additional exterior “booster” treatment every 3 months to re-apply the barrier around your home to keep the bugs out. This takes place on your exterior; hence you do not even need to be present for us to deliver the important treatment. We guarantee that your home will be free of these pests for an entire year, or we’ll return and retreat for free.

Program features

The Toro platinum annual pest control program offers you the following:

• Complete home inspection both your exteriors and interiors
• Treatment of pest entry points, door thresholds, under eaves and window casings
• Perimeter protection treatment, handling mulch areas, turf and soil outside your home
• Treatment of your garage and garbage areas as well as around and under appliances like your washers, dishwashers and refrigerators among others
• Crack and crevice injection to treat your utility rooms, bathrooms and kitchen areas
• Treatment of your crawl spaces, attic and wall voids
• Installation of our insect monitors

To get the best results, we also combine these services with baiting methods that are excellent. We also understand how precious time can be and therefore offer the platinum annual service at times and days that are most convenient to you. Choose the perfect day and time and we will be there to offer you our professional services. Toro also cares about the safety of your pets and children and uses gels and baits that are safe and do not leave any odors or messes around your home after treatment. You can be sure that we will control your pests in the most convenient and effective way possible.

You also enjoy flexible payment with the freedom to pay by cash, check, major credit cards and pay online. You choose the payment mode you find to be most suitable and convenient to you.

Talk to us about the Platinum Plus Program service today. It is among the best in keeping your property, home and even family protected and we are here to deliver nothing short of the best for a more enjoyable living area.