instituteOur institute is perhaps our biggest investment and assets as a company. It is from the institute that we conduct our ongoing researches on pest management to come up with the best solutions and to ensure that we cover all types of pests that could bother our clients. The institute also offers education to our team to make sure that every time they go out in the field to handle different pest projects, they deliver the best services depending on proven techniques and products. The continued education and research continues to form the basis of our pest management success. You can be sure that we have what it takes to handle any pest problem you could be facing.

Toro institute is a state-of-the art training facility equipped with all tools of the trade to conduct high quality training and research. It is located in our corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida and it is the heart of all our programs. Our modern equipment and updated libraries give us an easy time studying different pests and putting together control programs that fetch the desired results on the ground. It is this institute that offers support and all technical direction to the service programs that we have for our clients. It is therefore not a wonder that we continue to come up with better and advanced pest solutions and programs as the days go by. It strives to create even better pest solutions in the future with all the research findings that are reached by our team.

Client advantage
Apart from serving our research and education needs as a pest control company, the Toro institute extends the benefits to our clients as well. If you are a company or organization that believes in empowering your employees with the necessary pest education and training, Toro institute is your ultimate progressive training venue. Our training programs from the institute cover a number of areas including;

Food safety – We will train you and your employees on safe food handling, processing and storage to keep health risks at bay and to also keep pests away from your facility. When your food is safe, contamination risks are minimized and pest issues are eliminated hence you can trust in the quality of food you serve your customers.

Sanitation – We also train you on how to keep your environment, whether at home or office sanitized to manage and control pest infestations

Structural – This area of training basically will take you through structural changes that can help you keep pest infestations at bay. When all structural errors are collected, you enjoy a pest free environment for longer. You will know how to keep your structures less prone to pest attacks.

Pest management practices – Apart from knowing how to prevent pests from posing problems on your property, our training program at Toro Institute will also teach you the best practices to handle pests and how to maintain a pest free area.

Toro institute has staff consultants and entomologists who are highly qualified hence offer quality training for you and your employees.