Bed_Bug_3The parasites feed on human blood when there is a lack of a reliable source of food. They have a tendency of hiding inside mattresses and since they are nocturnal, they will have an easier time coming out and feasting on your blood as you sleep. However, the small bugs can also hide in other areas including furniture, wallpaper and curtains. Unsanitary environments tend to be suspect for the infestations, but this is not always true. Pets can carry the bed bugs into your house or you could also end up carrying when you have been in an infested area. It is also believed that some environmental and climatic conditions can lead to the infestations.

Allergic reactions such as skin rashes are usually the first signs that you could have a bed bug infestation in your home. Considering how small the bugs are and how good they are in hiding even in small cracks and crevices, it can be hard for you to notice them. They also come out when you are asleep, making it even harder to take note of their presence. If you are keen, you will notice the following signs of an infestation:

• The skin rashes.
• Fecal spots as well as molts that the insects leave behind.
• A rotten raspberry scent that is characteristic with these parasitic insects.

The next step to take is to find a good pest control company to help you deal with the bed bug situation.

Do you really need professional bed bug control?

Yes, professional residential bed bug control services are really important and for a number of reasons.

1. The small parasites can be very hard to detect and find because they hide and their small size favors them as well as the fact that they are nocturnal. Toro Pest Management exterminators are experienced and have an easier time detecting the bugs before controlling them.

2. Not every control technique or product you use will completely get rid of the problem, hence you might have recurring cases that can be frustrating. Toro professionals have what it takes to completely eradicate the bugs. We know the most effective and safe products to use on your residence as well as techniques that flush out the bugs from their hiding areas.

3. The control process you use can determine the success of your treatment and without the right knowledge; it will be next to impossible to exterminate the pests. At Toro we work with a winning process with vacuuming being one of the techniques we use to physically get rid of the parasites. Steam treatment is then done and it works because the tiny bugs are extremely sensitive to changes in temperatures. We also combine pesticide treatments to get excellent results with the control program.

Toro Pest Management technicians are not only experienced, but they are also certified and trained, hence you are assured of results and property safety. TORO Pest Management is your bed bug extermination experts, contact us today!