Bed_Bug_3Bed bugs are very small and oval shaped and they come in shades of red and brown. Because of their small size, they have an easy time hiding in cracks and crevice hence it can be very hard to tell that you have an infestation until you start getting bites. The little blood suckers have a tube for sucking the blood and another used for injecting anesthetics which prevents clotting of blood. The bugs swell when gorged on blood and their colors turns purple or dull red.

If you run a bed and breakfast or a bigger hotel offering accommodation, a bed bug infestation can ruin business for you. No visitor wants to deal with bed bugs leave alone being sucked off blood as they try and relax in your hotel. Infestation can actually damage your reputation and image as a business and there is a need to look for professional commercial bed bug control services.

The problem with bed bugs
These tiny bugs tend to be problematic because they reproduce and also breed rapidly with females laying up to 12 eggs daily. The eggs then take only two weeks to hatch, meaning that you will have a very serious problem if you delay eradication procedures. The infants, then reach maturity within as little as 21 days with good temperatures and availability of food. The bugs can also survive on a meal for a year and lay up to 500 eggs, making it very important to let professionals handle the infestation to ensure that nothing is left to chance even the eggs. Toro Pest Management is amongst the best pest control companies you can choose for your commercial area infested by the bed bugs.

Why we are the best

Experience – It is one of the values that set us apart from the others. We have been in operation since 1969 and you therefore know that we will have an easy time eradicating the bed bugs from your property. Our years of experience make it possible for us to choose the most convenient, effective and safe way of handling the bugs. Our technicians are trained and certified besides the extensive experience and therefore make professional decisions depending on your specific situation.

Reliability – Toro Pest Management is a reliable company when it comes to the right and best products and tools to get rid of the bed bugs. We are well equipped and knowledgeable about what works best hence we will deliver excellent results fast. Toro also values your business and responds to your call rapidly to give you peace of mind.

Cost – Even though bed bug control costs can rely on infestation extent, products used and the techniques used to eradicate the bugs, we offer very competitive rates for our professional commercial services. We also ensure that we advise you and put in measures to help keep future invasions at bay.

Services from Toro Pest Management are indispensable if what you are looking for is an establishment completely free from bed bugs. We are your ultimate commercial bed bug control expert!