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Our company dates back to 1969 and has Dr. Jose Perez Linares as our company founder. Since the establishment, Toro has been operating continuously through the years, ensuring that the highest professionals and ethical business practice standards are adhered to so we meet with all client needs that are trusted in our hands.

Toro has been and continues to be your ultimate property, food, health and environment protectors since 1969 and we strive to continue offering the best of our pest control services. Our company has built an impressive reputation and history of delivering nothing short of the best pest results. We are also reputed for our prompt responses to pest problems, but the excellence in service delivery is what has made us the success that we are today. We have not only managed to impress our clients, but competitors alike as a result of our professionalism in handling varying pest problems.

We at Toro cover all kinds of clients thanks to our commercial and residential pest control programs. If you run an institution, you can also trust us to deliver great results in getting rid of your worrying pest problem. For all services offered by Toro, whether residential or commercial, there is a money back guarantee. This is something that is not offered every day by pest control companies, but because we pride ourselves in the quality and effectiveness of our services, we guarantee to give your money back if you are not happy with the results you get from us. Toro’s guarantee makes clients feel secure and assured of what they are getting and this has made a huge difference in the success of the company.

Over the years, Toro has managed to put together a true winning pest management team. This is the team that forms the heart and soul of the reputable company. We take seriously the importance of caring, supporting and working with each other so that our solutions bear the desired results. With every team member playing their part, the company has had an easy time putting smiles on the faces of our clients. Our routine working together has actually made it possible for us to surpass our client expectations and it gives us great joy to be part of the satisfaction.

The Toro Pest Management Company believes that no project is too big or too small; we will be on your case on your request the size of your project notwithstanding and we hold excellence as a key. We are committed to uphold the critical asset that is corporate integrity for many years to come offering nothing but the best in our pest solutions. To complete what we do, Toro has been and continues to be a generous contributor and a strong advocate to community based organizations within all areas we operate our business from.