downloadLEED is Leadership in Energy and Environment Design and it is a green building certification system or rating system that is internationally recognized. A development by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED offers building operators and owners a framework for identifying as well as implementing measurable and practical green building designs, operations, construction and also maintenance solution.

In essence, it was developed to be a global benchmark for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential green high performance buildings. Generally it benchmarks the following categories:

• Homes
• Interior design and construction
• Building construction and design
• Neighborhood development
• Building operations and maintenance

Why it is important
The LEED certification system provides third party verification that a given building or even a community was built and designed using strategies that were aimed to improve performance across metrics that really matter. These metrics include resource stewardship, sensitivity to impacts, water efficiency, energy saving, reduction of CO2 emissions and improved quality of the indoor environment. When you have a LEED certified home, you stand to enjoy a number of benefits including:

• Improved resale value of the home
• Energy efficiency that greatly lowers on your monthly costs
• Better air quality within your indoors
• Enhanced durability of the home
• Peace of mind knowing that everything that matters to you is well protected

Where Toro comes in
Toro Pest Management offers excellent pest control solutions through our integrated pest management strategy. This is a strategy that involves much more than just exterminating the pests. It goes deeper into offering you structural solutions that can help keep pest infestations at bay. It is basically a holistic approach that aims to offer more permanent pest solutions depending on the problem that are facing. Toro is without doubt one of the best companies you trust to deliver no matter the size of your property or the types of pests you are dealing with.

The LEED green building certification and standards are usually required in the integrated pest management. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you make all necessary changes. Toro Pest Management will give you all necessary assistance as far as the certification process goes so you can trust more in the value and standard of your home or commercial property.

Toro specializes in IPM, integrated pest management and we are actually ranked as number one in the geographical service area by a good number of independent evaluators. You therefore know that you can trust us to give you the desired results with the LEED certification process, requirements and recommendations. TORO’S branch in Miami-Dade County went into history books back in 1999 for being the very first United States’ county to implement a pure IPM contract to government buildings located here.

We have been awarded a good number of government contracts and we continue to be awarded the contracts that are IPM only contracts. You can trust us with your projects too, if you want to reap the rewards of a LEED certified home, institution or commercial premises. Whatever your needs, we will deliver!