WestchesterWhen you are faced with a pressing pest problem on your property in Westchester, NY you expect to have the best experience with pest experts you trust to handle the pest infestation. The professionals are best because they know the pests best and you should therefore get nothing but the best and most pleasant experience for you.

Prompt response This is the very first expectation you should have when dealing with a professional pest control company. A company that makes it easy for you to get in touch and actually responds to your request within the shortest time possible values you and is dedicated to bringing peace back into your home or business. Avoid companies that take days before getting back to you on your request because you could face the same delays before your pest problems are finally solved. Toro Pest Management responds within 24 hours.

Thorough inspection A good pest control company should actually offer the inspection free without tying you into working with it. The inspection from a professional company identifies the pests, the extent of the infestations and offers you full report on the findings. You should then get recommendations on the best treatment program before the company leaves you to make a decision whether to go ahead and hire its services or not. When you understand the real situation on the ground and what the company can do to solve your pest problem, then making this decision is simplified and this is what we offer you at Toro.

Customized treatment program As soon as you make a decision to go ahead and have the company tackle the pest problems that you are facing, expect it to come up with a treatment program that is customized to suit your specific needs. There are different kinds of pests and each one requires a different approach. Buildings are also structured differently, which means that a program that works on one property might not work on another. Toro Pest Management uses custom treatment programs to boost the effectiveness of the efforts put in so we are able to eradicate the pests effectively from the very first treatment.

Service guarantee This is a must have expectation if at all you are to make sure that the money you spend on the pest control services remains worth. A good company should offer you guaranteed results or at least money back guarantee in case it fails to get rid of your pest problems. Some very good companies like Toro will actually come back for a second treatment in case the first one fails to yield results at no extra cost to you. The guarantee we offer shows our dedication to offer you results and that we trust in our competence and ability to do so.

Protective measures Besides solving your current pest problem, expect a professional company to offer you necessary tips and recommendations to keep your property free from future infestations. Such a company has your best interests at heart and does not intend to exploit you from regular pest control services for your property.

We at Toro offer you recommendations to maintain a pest free Westchester home or business.