rodentThere are so many small creatures that fall under the rodents’ category, but the most common and problematic pests, many people face today are mice and rats. The word rodent refers to any animals that have continued growth of the incisor teeth and hence they need to keep gnawing as a way of keeping the teeth at manageable levels or to keep them serviceable and functional. It is for this reason that you will find so many areas in your home, especially hard surfaces such as wood and carton shredded when you have a rodent infestation.

There are so many kinds of rodents in the world, numbering over 2,200 different types. They all together take up more that 40% of mammals in general. The rodent group has animals such as nutria, capybaras, squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks and of course rats and mice among many others. Mice and rats are the most common rodents that easily, find their way in homes and they are the rodents that love being near humans because this way they can have a steady food supply. They therefore carry the name commensal which basically means sharing one’s table.

The importance of treating infestations
If you have a rodent infestation on your property, then you definitely need to find a solution to the problem. This is because rodents carry tens of diseases and they can transmit them to humans. They have up to 35 diseases that remain susceptible to humans making it necessary to exterminate them.

They also carry mosquitoes and fleas which can individually transmit disease to you, your pets and even children. The other major reason why treating infestations is necessary is because rodents cause physical damages to a home or business premises. They chew on so many materials, including siding and different building materials. They can actually chew electrical lines, exposing your home to fires and they can create holes on objects around your home and food items or containers are not spared either.

Rodent removal
Removing rodents from a property can be a tedious process, especially considering that they use of traps might not work on controlling larger infestations. Rats are very smart and they have actually learnt how to keep off the traps and you might therefore not have effective results. This approach can also prove futile if you have larger sized rodents on your property.

Also important to remember is that dust on rat nests contains bacteria which can be hazardous when breathed in during treatment. Stirring the dust should be avoided to minimize the risk. Because of such dangers and the tricky nature of exterminating the pests, it is best to have a professional pest control and management company handle the infestation you have on the property. The professionals have an easier time identifying nesting areas and also the feeding ground. After the identification, the best solution will be reached to ensure that the rodents are completely eliminated.

With a professional rodent treatment and cleanup, you and your family remain safe from illnesses and allergies. The pest experts can also offer long term solutions to keep future infestations at bay.