bird-wireIf you are dealing with pest birds on your property and you are looking for a deterrent, bird wire is one of the effective solutions that you can find. The wires use high tension wire system and are placed on buildings as a way of keeping birds from landing or nesting. The bird wire systems can use spring tensioned wires that make it impossible for the birds to land. They are fixed on buildings with the help of steel posts or super strong glue. They are durable and versatile and fixing pins make it possible to also install the bird wires on metal structures, root ridges and even concrete. When installing, the height could vary so that landing and roosting is simply made uncomfortable and impossible for the pest birds.

Toro’s Bird wire services
Toro Pest Management offers very reliable bird wire installation in all areas. We use discreet wires as anti-perching deterrents that are low profile. Our low visibility products make it possible to get rid of resting birds without interfering with the aesthetics of your home or building. Our bird wire is made up of a nylon-coated wire, tensioned by springs between stainless steel posts, which when mounted, offers an unstable landing area for large pest birds. Bird professionals from Toro will install the wires in any given area to offer a reliable pest bird solution.

Why choose Toro?
Toro believes in offering tailored bird solutions and we will therefore start by evaluating your property and the pest bird problems that we are facing. We then will help you choose the ideal location for the bird wire so as to control the birds. Toro offers other bird control services such as removal of the birds and bird dropping removal. We can tailor a program to match every one of your needs even as we install the bird wire on your property. Our wire barrier provides a bird obstacle in different areas such as along your exterior wall ledges of any building, on pipes and conduits in parking garages and on interior ledge and beams.

Toro bird specialists are experienced and qualified and therefore have an easy time installing the bird wire. Because we use the right installation techniques, you can be sure that no damages will be got on your building even at times when you need the wire to be removed. We also use bird wire that is virtually undetectable hence you can still maintain the beautiful look of your building and at the same time keep larger birds off the property.

We are thoroughly equipped with all the right installation tools and equipment to offer you fast and effective bird wire installation. Toro also values your peace of mind and will therefore respond promptly to your call and have the wire installed in the best way possible so you can enjoy your property more.

Toro Pest Management has years of experience in pest bird control and therefore you know you can trust us to deliver excellent results with your bird wire installation project and any other services you could need.