scientistOur passion and reputation of providing consistent service commitment for excellence has managed to win us great respect even from our competitors since 1969. We are professional enough that we have also managed to please clients that are hard-to-please because we settle for nothing short of the best. We pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our customers and we therefore stop at nothing until we have achieved the desired results with our pest control programs regardless of how challenging the assignment can be.

Besides our wisdom got from past experience, Toro has a huge vision of the future. We have created very innovative and high standard quality pest management solutions to meet with every one of our client needs since 1969. Toro has not stopped there as we continue to innovate to make improvements to the solutions we already to make future services even better for our clients. We do this because we do not only believe that success should be measured by numbers by also by customer satisfaction. We aim to provide better and advanced pest control solutions by embracing the best technologies to make the pest handling easy but most effective.

What sets us apart?
Toro uses Integrated Pest Management techniques and they have been the basis of out prowess in the pest management field. The techniques we employ are not just carefully selected to minimize the use of pesticides ensuring the safety of your family and employees but also to offer you comprehensive pest solutions. We treat all pest problems and then offer you advice and recommendations that will help you keep future pest infestations at bay. We do not leave your property until we are convinced that we have done what needs to be done to eliminate the existing problem and any future attacks you could be vulnerable to. If you adhere to our recommendations, then you can be sure to enjoy a pest free environment for a very long time to come.

Toro Pest Management believes in productive professional staff and we definitely couldn’t be where we are without our highly trained staff. The fact is that we believe in continuous training and our staffs go through regular training to upgrade their pest control skills and understanding. Our technicians are familiar with the latest technology and they also understand pest behavior and therefore have an easy time making decisions depending on the pest infestations you have on your property for effective results in the end. With this kind of a team behind us we offer a 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee with every pest control service we extend to you.

Our guaranteed services are offered to all clients and in the process, we also take the responsibility of ensuring that the environment remains protected. You can trust us to deliver exceptionally safe and effective services on your property; no need to worry about any risks to your family or the environment because we are the experts and we know exactly what we are doing. This has been our tradition since 1969!