The sensitivity that surrounds the food industry cannot be ignored. Contaminated beverages and foods can lead to food poisoning that can put the health of your customers at risk. Health related issues from your bar or restaurant can put you in hefty legal battles and even closure besides robbing you off customers. Your reputation can be ruined by the presence of pests in your establishment since they do not only pose health risks but are also unsightly to the customer. You need to put in measures to control pest to maintain a high image and reputation.

Customer satisfaction plays a huge role in the success of the restaurant or bar. It is therefore up to you to ensure that you provide them with a pest free pleasant dining experience every time. Flies, mice, rats, ants and roaches are the most common pests that create problems in restaurants and bars. Toro offers you pest removal services to maintain your image and also prepare you for that health inspector audit.

At Toro, we offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to solve the pest issues you could be facing as well as they get rid of conditions that lead to the infestations. Our plan is proactive and professional focusing on pest harborage elimination and entry point treatment to keep your food business safe, secure and healthy. We can tailor the program to match your specific needs.

Toro’s IPM program steps

1. Inspection
2. Insect &Pest Monitoring
3. Identification
4. Treatment and Control
5. Sanitation Recommendations
6. Structural Recommendations
7. Education- On creating a pest free environment

Toro technicians service the bar or restaurant to check for Insect Monitors, Rodent bait stations, inspect for signs of pest activity, perform an exterior perimeter barrier treatment around the building to stop pests from coming in. Potential risks are also identified and preventative advice given to minimize future infestations. If the bugs come back so will TORO at no additional cost to you. TORO will respond within 24 hours Guaranteed.

How we do it
Toro Pest Management technicians will respond to your call within 24 hours. This makes it possible to end your critical pest problems faster. Property inspection then takes place so that the real pest situation of the bar or restaurant is identified as well as present pests are also identified. Our professional exterminators will then decide the treatment methods that are best. Toro uses the best treatment programs and control services to give you the best results. You will then receive sanitation recommendations to give you improved control over future infestations. We also offer structural recommendations to keep pest loopholes minimal.

Toro Pest Management offers educational services to help you keep the environment free from the pests. We come back for scheduled inspections and threat identifications before your bar or restaurant runs into pest problems again. Our good reputation, experience and knowledge in pest control make us one of the best companies you can choose for your food and beverage establishment. You can expect exceptional results with Toro.