UntitledBirds such as seagulls, starlings pigeons and crows can turn into a nuisance when they end up netting on your home or business premises. Apart from being very noisy, they can be damaging to your property and they can also leave messes behind. If you are running a business, then you know how damaging such situations can be to your image. For areas such as airport hangers, the birds pose a very serious threat because they can be sacked causing damages to the airplanes. However beautiful birds may be, they definitely need controlling when they congregate in the wrong areas in huge numbers.

The solution
Bird netting is one of the best deterrents you can use today. It offers a more permanent and effective solution to keep pest birds off your building or property for that matter. The meshes come in different sizes to offer maximum protection to different areas depending on the needs. They are also available in different colors such as white, stone and black to match the structures and keep them less visible even as they serve their function on your property. Toro Pest Management specializes in the bird netting services and can handle any type property. Our professionals will help you make the right mesh decision depending on your needs and the coverage that you require.

Toro handles the netting professionally in that a secure fit is achieved. This means you will not have sagging or stretching issues with our meshes. We choose materials that are UV ray and heat resistant, thereby making sure that the netting remains intact regardless of the weather conditions.

Areas covered
Toro’s bird netting services can be offered on large areas and even very small areas. We will protect your work areas, trees, public areas, equipment and even buildings by fixing the meshes where needed to control bird access and property nesting. We offer netting solutions to docking areas, airport hangers, parking garages, warehouses, building entrance signs and entire building facades or around enclosed areas depending on where you want the deterrent to be to keep the pest birds off.

Why Toro’s Bird netting services?
Bird netting services from Toro Pest Management are more permanent taking bird worries off your shoulder. This is also a method that is harmless to the birds, but remains effective enough on your property. Our nets are high quality and adaptable, making them ideal for any given area because we can use them vertically or horizontally depending on the specific needs on your large or small area.

The netting is also versatile because it can be installed on a permanent basis to keep your premises protected or on a temporary basis to control bird problems that are seasonal. Toro offer cost effective bird netting solutions greatly reducing on cleaning and maintenance costs you initially had to deal with when pest birds are present on your property.

Toro Pest Management generally offers bird control services and solutions such as the netting services to keep annoying destructive birds at bay.