Toro Gold Program – Every Other Month Service

family-at-tableDifferent homes face different pest problems and therefore require different treatments to exterminate the pests in an effective way. This is what the Toro Superior Protection Program does for clients. If you have plenty of landscaping on your exteriors or if you have an older home, Toro exterminators will put together a treatment solution that caters to all your needs. Our Superior Protection program covers all of New York and its surrounding areas offering reliable pest solutions regardless of the pest problem at hand.

The gold program is an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) service that focuses on inspection of your home and using baiting technologies as well as a pest control applications that are most suitable for your area to fetch you an environment that is pest free. We keep our communication lines open to our customers to make sure that we understand the needs before offering our excellent pest control services.

Our service agreement accommodates all kinds of pests, including the following:

American Cockroaches , Oriental Cockroaches , German Cockroaches , Smokey-Brown , Pharaoh Ants , Brown-Banded , Crazy Ants , Thief Ants , Ghost Ants , White Footed Ants , Centipedes , Fire Ants , Millipedes , Silver Fish , Sow bugs , Firebrats , Scorpions , Earwigs , Spiders , Norway Rat , House Mouse and Roof Rat.

TORO Gold Program features
The Toro Gold program has excellent features, making it among our best pest control programs that you can choose for your household. The program includes:

• Complete inspection of your exteriors and interiors
• Perimeter protection, treatment of turf, mulch areas or soil outside, but against your home to keep pest entries at bay
• Treatment of window casings, door thresholds and even under eaves and treatment of all entry points
• Complete treatment of garbage area and your garage
• Crevice and crack treatment injection in your bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms among other areas
• Treatment around and under your appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers
• Treatment of wall voids
• Installation of Toro insect monitors

We also combine all these services with baiting methods that are very effective and available to all our customers.

The Toro Convenience
The best thing about Toro Pest Management is that we can make treatment schedules that are most convenient for you. We will come to you when it is best for you whether it is early in the day or late. We use gels and baits that are effective in getting rid of pests that hide or live in areas that would otherwise be hard for you to reach. We do all this without using products that leave messes behind or products that are too strong and leave odors in your home. When you work with us, you will enjoy the convenience of safe pest control even with the presence of your pets and children.

We also offer you very flexible payment plans and options. You can pay us by cash, check, major credit cards and pay online depending on the option that you find most convenient for you. Feel free to ask about the Superior Protection Program and let us help you maintain a pleasant and enjoyable living environment.