whytoroToro Pest Management is a company that has built an amazing reputation through the providence of professional services, excellent results and innovative pest treatment programs. The protection guarantee from the company is among the best you can find in the industry. Toro has offered you protection for your property, environment, health and food since 1969 and there are so many reasons why we are the best at what we do and why you should use our pest management services and programs.

We are knowledgeable

Toro has a team of on-staff entomologists who are professionally knowledgeable in pest management. The company has a reputation in customer satisfaction thanks to the years of experience that has taken us from one level to another. Our team stops at nothing until the most effective pest solutions are achieved.

Toro is an industry leader
The reputation we have created making us a leader in pest management has been based on our service quality and reliability. Our client reference list is impressive, having offered our exceptional services to local government, state and federal governments and also the private sector. You can check with our references any time if you are looking for more assurance in what we can do for you.

We protect the environment
The pest products and techniques we use are environmentally friendly. We use integrated pest management solution which is an approach that solve all pest problems using safe products and very minimal pesticide amounts so that no harm is caused to the environment. We also combine pest identification, biology and behavior patterns in our inspection so we come up with the best safest and most effective programs. Safety remains to be our major primary concern in all our services.

Toro is a full service company
We have a range of services open to meet with client needs in pest management. We not only treat but also offer protective solutions, advice and recommendations to help you manage your pest issues easily.

We offer customized programs
Nothing is more effective that a pest control program that matches the specific needs you have on your property and this exactly what you get with our custom service program. We basically tailor service program so we handle your pest problem individually for best results. We provide you with structural and sanitation reports, complete food safety audit, insurance certification, MSDS/labels of products and log book documentation.

Toro offers consultation services
Another great reason to use Toro Pest Management is because our entomologists can assist you in creating contract specifications for your facility. We ensure that you meet the industry safety standards, OSHA laws, controls and notification requirements to keep you off trouble.

We have professionally trained staff
Every employee at Toro is trained and certified hence you know you can trust in fully delivery of excellent pest solutions. Our entomologist directly train the staff with each technician undergoing in house training program for a month and another field training program for a month before they get the certification. Every month, service personnel also get two hours industry training to familiarize them with new innovative strategies to solve pest infestations.