Hotel-cafeteriaTop hygienic levels need to be achieved when processing beverages and food. The smallest contamination can lead to very serious health issues and they can end up ruining your brand in the face of customers. Unsanitary processing area can also lead to closure of your business when the next audit is conducted. A good facility needs to be on the top of the game all the time to maintain customers and improve the credibility and reputation of the brand. Pests in your premises can put you in trouble with the next audit considering that they pose health risks and serious consequences. Toro Pest Management primary job is to protect your brand name.

Our services

Pests can be annoying but if you run a food and beverage facility then we will take the worries off your shoulders. Toro Pest Management offers the best pest control services matching the requirements of a food and beverage facility. It has a team of professional exterminators who are certified and qualified to conduct successful pest control processes. We remain to be among the best companies you can trust for all your commercial pest control needs to create food processing area that is hygienic and safe enough.

At Toro, we specialize in integrated pest management advanced for that focuses on achieving a pest free area. We have taken time to develop an a approach that is comprehensive and effective in dealing with any existing pest infestation and also offer solutions to prevent the recurrence of the same on your facility. We do this by working with detailed inspection, implementing a monitoring program and reporting all conducive conditions and potential health risks from pest infestations. We also give attention to documentation and reports to help you know what to do for compliance purposes that save your business from a lot of trouble.

Why are we the best?
Toro Pest Management handles your food and beverage facility individually to meet with its specific needs. There is really no one pest control plan that works for all situations which is why we focus on identifying your individual pest problems before tailoring a control solution that handles them effectively. We value long term solution and therefore put in place preventative measures to rid you off potential future pest problems.

We at Toro also fully get you involved in the process. You will get the details of our findings on your facility and professional recommendations you can fully rely on. We give you the freedom to approve our plan before we go ahead with the treatment of your facility. Toro does not tie you down to any contract but strives to work with your full approval.

The program selected is implemented and monitored for best results and we will definitely come back for a charge free treatment if the bugs come back. That is a guarantee you are not always likely to enjoy from most pest control companies.

Toro Pest Management responds to you within 24 hours considering the sensitive nature of beverages and food and the dangers pests pose. The TORO system is so effective, we guarantee it.