manhattanWhen you have a pest invasion of your Manhattan, NY property, it can be frustrating, especially when you try getting rid of the infestations without much success. The fact is that different kinds of pests require different approaches during the treatment process for successful results to be achieved. The professionals at Toro Pest Management will help you control the infestations effectively and safely.

Bird control If you are facing bird populations on your property that have become a nuisance, let Toro offer you the best control solutions. We will not only put in devices like steel spikes and stealth netting to keep the pest birds off the property, but also help you with cleaning out feathers, waste, nests and eggs that the birds leave on your property. You can finally work or sleep without any noisy birds disturbing your peace using our bird control services.

Rodent control Rodent infestations are very common in Manhattan, NY but we at Toro have the experience and knowledge to create a program that suits your property needs to get rid of your rodent problems. Our programs are comprehensive in that we will not only exterminate the rodents, but also show you how to keep your property protected from infestations through food source elimination and structural changes to eliminate entry points.

Cockroach control They are some of the most disgusting pests you can have on your property because they crawl on practically everything around your home making contaminations everywhere they go. Cockroaches are hard to control because they reproduce fast and mature just as first. If you are left with egg after a treatment, then you definitely will have a re-infestation after a short period of time. Toro cockroach control services ensure that your home or business is free from the pests together with their eggs so you do not experience recurring problems. We know the best products to use safely, but effectively.

Ant control The small nature of the pests and their large colony numbers gives many people a tedious time trying to get rid of infestations. However, Toro technicians approach the infestations right from the nests so effective results are got at the end of the treatment program. We will also identify conditions exposing you to the ant infestations and make recommendations for minimizing your chances of getting the infestations on your property.

Bed bug control – They are among the pests that breed very fast and know how to hide hence making their control very tedious. Important to remember is that these parasites are also nocturnal and can therefore be hard to notice unless you are keen to the signs of an infestation on your residential or commercial property in the city. Toro has control programs that will get rid of bed bugs effectively and we also offer regular inspections, especially on your commercial property such as hotels, to eliminate infestations even before they start posing problems for your business.

Toro Pest Management is your ultimate pest control expert in Manhattan NY!