RatSince 1969, TORO has removed and exterminated more rats, mice, and rodents than any of our competitors and you therefore know that we are what you have been looking forward to finally put your rodent menace to rest. Our elite team or experts offer residential rodent control services and commercial rodent control services that are nothing but the best. We actually pride ourselves in our ability to catch the Super Rat!

We have participated in joint studies with the State of Florida Health Department and John Hopkins University. TORO has also worked with Bell Laboratories, a world leader in rodenticides and rodent control equipment to solve major infestations in commercial complexes. The infestations we took part in had major impacts not just on the commercial buildings but surrounding residential communities.

Truth be told, mice and rats can be quite a headache, especially if you are trying hard to keep your home or office sanitary or to make an impression on your clients and visitors. They also pose health hazards because they are carriers of illnesses like typhus, plague, salmonella, leptospirosis, and Hantavirus as well as rat-bite fever. You should therefore be very worried if you have a rodent infestation.

How to deal with a rodent infestation
As soon as you find out, trust a good pest control company like Toro Pest Management. Our rodent abatement team is ever ready to respond fast to calls and will be at your doorstep to offer you excellent solutions. We can handle both residential and commercial areas to help you maintain a sanitary office or home. Toro has experience in exterminating mice and rats and other rodents. We have been offering pest control services since 1969 and have successfully conducted rodent abatement programs with only good results to show for our efforts.

Our process
As soon as you call us in, we inspect the interiors and exteriors of every building and the use our findings to offer you structural recommendations and sanitation advice so you can make it impossible for the rodents to gain access to your property. You will get a detailed report on our findings. We will then use the best rodent trapping program for your interiors and use rodent bait station together with rodenticide on your exteriors.

Toro uses the optimum rodent abatement method. Among the things that we include in the eradication process include using rodent tunnels to capture any escapees. These tunnels are strategically placed on the property with baited glue boards and snap traps. Our tunnels are very good at containing bio hazards such as rodent blood, droppings and urine. Toro exterminators use rodent bait stations with rodenticides and install them to pavers using concrete screws. Basically, out optimum rodent abatement method takes the following form:

• Inspect all buildings on the interior and exterior
• Make structural and sanitation recommendations
• Detail report as to findings
• Rodent trapping program in the interior of structure
• Rodent Bait Stations with rodenticide on the exterior of structure

We use interior Toro rodent tunnels and on the exterior Toro uses rodenticides secured in the rodent bait station. Call us today and let us give you a rodent free environment!