The thin flat nature of bed bugs makes it very easy for them to hide away even in small cracks and crevices among other areas that are hard for you to spot. Exterminating an infestation is made even harder by the fact that the bugs are nocturnal and unless you are keen on the signs, it might be very hard for you to even know that you have an infestation before you spot them. They carry diseases but they are not known to transmit them to humans when they bite but you are likely to be left with itchy welts after a bite.

Some people might react to the bites and others might not and it is actually very easy to confuse the bites with mosquito or flea bites unless you are very keen. Be bugs are not really as a result of unsanitary conditions as many people might think but you definitely will want to get rid of an infestation as soon as you realize that you have one. Calling in pest control experts would be the perfect thing to do to effectively handle an infestation and guide you through prevention of future infestations but you can take action too against an infestation to reduce the effects. A few cleaning out tips can turn very helpful when your home is infested by the little irritating bugs.

1.- Clean clothing, curtains, linens and beddings using hot water and then use high dryer settings to dry them out. You can also place shoes and stuffed animals among other items that are washable into the dryer and then run it for several minutes to kill any bed bugs together with their eggs.

2.-Using a stiff brush, scrub the mattress seams so you are able to remove eggs and the bedbugs at the same time and then vacuum the place immediately. You however want to be careful with the brush so you do not end up damaging the mattress.

3.-Vacuum the bed and areas surrounding it and ensure that you get rid of the waste vacuumed in your garbage can outside so you minimize chances of the bugs crawling out and back into your home.

4.-Take your mattress out when the sun is hot and let it stay for a few hours turning it from side to side. The extreme heat can work very well in killing and getting rid of the bed bugs. You can then encase the mattress including box springs with a zippered cover that is tightly woven so that bed bugs are hindered from escaping or entering. Since the tiny parasites can survive as long as one year without any food, let the cover stay on the mattress for a year so you are sure that all bugs present are dead.

5.-Repair all cracks and crevices in glue and plaster wallpaper so you are able to shut off areas where bedbugs hide. It is also very important to make sure that you eliminate any clutter around your bed.